In the future, everyone in the industry should be able to operate AI tools, set up, and maintain new testing applications. Without any AI expert knowledge at all. This is the goal of the research project DeKIOps - Democratization of AI with understandable and easily accessible Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). senswork GmbH, inovex GmbH and eresult GmbH are developing generally applicable guidelines and two demonstrators in industrial applications until the end of 2025. This is being done under the leadership of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS' working group for supply chain services.

senswork presents a manual test station for the inspection of large to very large connector assemblies. The solution is suitable for use in pre-production and small batch production, for spot checks as well as for integration into production lines.

senswork has received the CrefoZert for its creditworthiness from Creditreform for the eighth time in a row. Only companies that meet various evaluation criteria receive this certificate. The most important factor is the credit rating index, which indicates how certain it is that payment obligations will be met. The certificate has a term of one year.

Quality assurance is one of the central tasks in the production of goods. The early detection of deviations and defects results in fewer rejects. This topic is very important, both in terms of production costs and the sustainable use of raw materials.

At AI.BAY, the Bavarian International Conference on AI in Munich, Germany, from February 23-24, 2023, machine vision expert senswork will demonstrate the potential that artificial intelligence (AI) already has in industrial image processing applications today and where the journey can lead. At the booth of the Upper Bavarian medium-sized company, visitors will experience live how products from industrial manufacturing are identified and evaluated with the help of AI.

Printed circuit boards and other electronic components can now be inspected from a distance of up to 100 meters. This is made possible by senswork's RemoteMOI XL inspection station with a remotely operated digital microscope. The manual optical inspection of electronic components can thus be carried out more time- and cost-efficiently, with less manpower required.

senwork developed the AI-based method as part of the recently successfully completed three-year ControlPlus research project, in which research and development service provider Hahn-Schickard was also involved.

Until now, large, geometrically complex objects such as die-cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry could only be measured validly at great expense. Testing in the measuring room requires a corresponding capacity and is time-consuming; so-called gage-check gages require a certain planning, procurement, and implementation time. An innovation opens new possibilities: senswork developed the 3D measuring system ZScan, a solution that is always ready for use and provides a valid measurement result in seconds. And it does so directly in production. It was the measurement speed and flexibility that convinced Magna of senswork's ZScan system.

To realize the project, the company can rely on mezzanine capital (silent partnership) from BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

With the introduction of the new generation of VisionCommander® image processing software, senswork is driving the digital transformation in the automation industry. The software for deep learning, 2D and 3D inspection offers intuitive operation and high performance for automatic inline inspection.

The KIKoSA project at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg aims to monitor and optimize the quality of hairpin welds inline using AI-supported 3D measurement technology. This will make the production of electric motors significantly more efficient. To ensure an accurate and stable laser welding process, senswork GmbH is developing a 3D inspection system based on artificial intelligence (AI) as part of the project.

Before a product goes into series production, it must be extensively tested in order to detect and eliminate any product defects that may occur due to the manufacturing method. senswork has developed a manual test station for this purpose, which is used in the inspection of a wide variety of connector assemblies.

For the seventh time in a row, senswork has received the CrefoZert for its creditworthiness from Creditreform. This certificate is only awarded to companies that meet various evaluation criteria. The most important factor is the creditworthiness index, which indicates how certain the fulfillment of payment obligations is estimated. The certificate has a term of one year.

senswork Inc. of Johnson City, Tennessee, is the inaugural technology partner of the Smart Factory Institute Chattanooga, in partnership and collaboration with Volkswagen Academy in Chattanooga. The Smart Factory Institute a private-public partnership will enable manufacturers access to the most advanced production technologies available and will help ease the transition of these technologies to the manufacturing workforce.

Industrial image processing has reached a new level in understanding image, audio, and text data. 3D point clouds can be processed using deep learning.

The 3D multi-sensor system ZScan from senswork scans high-resolution, seamless and three-dimensional components and compares the result with the CAD model in order to determine the manufacturing quality - in a process time not previously achieved. Jenaer Antriebstechnik (JAT) supplied the precision axis for this.

senswork, a German based company, just opened its subsidiary, senswork Inc. in Johnson City, Tennessee, to support their clients in North America. senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing, deep learning and testing equipment manufacturing.

senswork has developed turnkey camera modules that can be installed in machines with little effort. The VisionUnit shows its advantages especially with rotary transfer machines, where up to twelve different camera systems are installed.

Despite the corona crisis and lockdown, the Burghausen-based company senswork is growing continuously and is opening an Innovation Lab in Munich this year. The focus there: image processing and artificial intelligence. The machine vision expert is also celebrating his 10th birthday.

The new 3D multi-sensor system ZScan from senswork enables the seamless 3D scanning of large components. The modular concept allows direct integration into a wide variety of manufacturing processes for quick assessment of dimensional accuracy.

senswork is among the last 10 finalists for "ScaleUp4Europe" in the area of "Agile Manufacturing". In the selection process of the international program, ten high-growth start-ups were selected, which are supported by large entrepreneurs.

Delamination in composite films can damage the contents of the packaging. One of the reasons for the peeling of foils in plastic packaging is the formation of bubbles. Up to now, such bubbles could only be identified automatically at great expense. senswork has now developed a technology that uses deep learning to reliably detect tiny bubbles in foils at an early stage.

Plug connections have to be manufactured precisely so that the pins fit on the board during assembly. With the virtual connector gauge from senswork, the smallest deviations can be recorded before damage occurs. Plug connections are essential in electrical engineering. Whether in the smartphone, in the car or in production facilities - they ensure that data or electricity flow from A to B. In order for this to work perfectly, the connector pins must fit perfectly on the circuit board or in the socket. The decision takes a maximum of 20 ms with an average of 20 to 1000 iterations per inspection.

senswork GmbH is now a member of the VDMA. We look forward to a valuable exchange of knowledge and experience with the industry network in order to continue to support mechanical engineering. As a specialist in image processing and optical inspection, we concentrate on innovative solutions for automation and quality assurance in industrial production.

In the future, as an expert in industrial image processing, we want to grow together with our customers when it comes to internationalization. The USA is a relevant market for solutions in the automotive, electrical and medical technology industries. The funding project "Export Bavaria 3.0 - Go International" enables us to provide funding for advice on entering the market, business partner search and advertising measures in order to develop the USA in a structured manner.

Optical 3D inspection has already established itself in many industrial manufacturing environments. So far, most processes have failed when it comes to small components. Senswork answers the problems with the new 3D inline camera ZFokus.