Quality Assurance with Turnkey Test Equipment

We develop turnkey optical inspection devices for your manufacturing process

senswork offers a wide range of inspection systems - from fully automated end-of-line test cells in automatic production lines to manual test stations for small batches or incoming goods inspection to test benches for laboratory applications. We always plan the complete solutions according to your requirements.


Early Detection of Deviations

Our optical inspection devices ensure high quality in your industrial production

Tests during production using a testing device can identify weak points or quality defects in the product at an early stage. This saves time and money and ensures optimum product quality.

Verify Product Quality

Plug & Play solutions for modern manufacturing environments

Modern manufacturing environments with increasing levels of automation and ever shorter product cycles require high-performance inspection technology. This ensures that your delivered products meet the quality requirements of your customers.

We supply customized inspection systems that check 100% quality of your products at the end of the manufacturing process and ensure that no bad part leaves your premises. The requirements for an inspection station can change quickly. If necessary, we modernize your test equipment and adapt it to the new requirements.

Workstation VisionUnit from senswork

Manual test station for optical measuring and testing tasks

The turnkey manual test station from senswork is perfect for pre-series production in connector manufacturing. Depending on the task, we can equip it with individual functions and adapt it to your needs. For example, the test station can be connected to customer-specific MES systems, robots or handling systems for automatic assembly.

Application Possibilities


For high performance

Quality Assurance in Connector Manufacturing

With our manual test station we can inspect connectors and connector assemblies as well as check the PCB and interface side at the same time.


Complex parts with complete processing

Quality Assurance in Polymers Processing

The VisionUnit workstation inspects polymer injection molded parts for dimensional accuracy, detects overmolding and undermolding, and detects deformations in injection molded parts.

VisionUnit from senswork

Turnkey test unit for machine builders

The VisionUnit from senswork can be installed in machines without any prior knowledge. Right from the start, machine builders can plan a fixed installation space for the standardized image processing solution. This saves a lot of time during project planning and commissioning.


Machine builders benefit from this during commissioning

  • Defined mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Modular axis systems for scanning applications
  • Optional focus variation units
  • Compact housing
  • Extraneous light shielding is pretested
  • Camera, optics and illumination are pre-assembled
  • Easy maintenance


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Precise Measurement of MTD Connector Assemblies

senswork's camera system precisely measures pin positions, connector coding and housing dimensions of MTD connector assemblies.

Image documentation system with barcode scanner

Capture products in high resolution using a barcode scanner and benefit from consistent image quality.

USB Connector Inspection on Multiple Focus Levels

The VisionUnit from senswork enables precise inspection of USB connector contacts at different focal planes. Learn more!


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