Optical Measuring Systems & Testing Systems for Inspection & Quality Assurance

From handheld testing devices to fully automated inline measuring systems with CAD alignment and automated IO testing. For large and smallest products. Discover our products for inspection and quality assurance: optical vision systems that fit your requirements.

ZScan-measured-aluminum die casting component

Automatic 3D measurement & IO testing


Optically measuring large and complex parts equivalent to a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and automatically aligning them with the CAD model - this can be done in just a few seconds with ZScan® - especially for very large parts with demanding surfaces.

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Precise inspection of connectors

Manual Test Station for Connector Inspection

senswork offers a turnkey manual test station for the inspection of connectors and plugs. The optical inspection system measures pin positions, tumbling circle, inspects coding, planarity and mateability. With modular design, the manual test station is adaptable to individual requirements.

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Turnkey camera modules for mechanical engineers


The VisionUnit is a ready-made inspection unit - consisting of camera, optics, lighting, axis modules and defined hardware and data interface. It simplifies the integration into the machine and the commissioning of machines.

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3D measuring machine for inline measurement of components

ZScan Easy

 With ZScan® Easy, components such as battery cells can be scanned quickly and accurately in 3D. Automated 3D measurement and inspection takes place seamlessly and in a matter of seconds directly in the production environment. 

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Measure & check rotationally symmetric objects

ZScan 360

ZScan 360 enables high-resolution, gapless 3D measurement and inspection of rotationally symmetrical components such as gears, stators and rotors. In seconds. With automatic CAD matching. The 3D scanner is integrated directly into the manufacturing process.

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Turnkey Testing Technology

Testing Device for Product Control

senswork offers a comprehensive range of testing systems - from fully automated end-of-line test cells in automatic production lines to manual test stations for small batches or incoming goods inspection to test benches for laboratories.

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senswork-kohaesions-shear strength tests

Measurement of tensile shear strength samples

Cohesion Testing Device

The optical inspection system from senswork ensures the quality of adhesive surfaces reliably and quickly. The smart combination of 3D inspection, color image processing and their virtual superimposition of surfaces provides precise measurement information about adhesive surfaces and adhesive-free areas.

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Realize manual optical inspection remotely

RemoteMOI XL

The inspection system enables the spatial separation of inspection and test station. This reduceds an additional workload for the employee performing the manual optical inspection. Several lines can be supervised at the same time. This saves time and costs.

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Customized solutions according to your needs

Customized Measuring & Testing Systems

The right measuring and/or inspection system was not included? We are experts for customized optical measuring and testing solutions for (partially) automated inspection and quality assurance. In this way, we solve the exact requirements of our customers.

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