Premium Quality in Connector Production with Automated Inspection Systems from senswork

We guarantee the highest quality in the inspection of connectors and connector assemblies.

Connectors must be manufactured precisely so that pins fit onto the circuit board or mating connector during assembly. We provide complete systems for pin position and tumble circuit inspection, foreign object detection and coding inspection.

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Measurement of Platinum Pins & Connectors

The demands in connector manufacturing are high: Connectors must maintain tolerances of 0.1 millimeters and smaller with tight cycle times.

Optical measurement of connectors in production is critical for quality and reliability. It ensures exact inspections of dimensions and tolerances, compliance with industry standards and norms. It also checks quality parameters such as contact spacing and alignment. It further detects even the smallest defects, automates inspection, and ensures traceability through documentation. This practice contributes to overall defect reduction, increased efficiency, and cost savings.

Fast & Reliable Inspection

For manufacturers of electronic assemblies, it is essential that testing can be easily integrated into the production line to ensure efficient production.

The earlier defective pins and connectors are detected in the manufacturing process with appropriate test solutions, the lower the costs.

senswork's measurement and inspection systems not only measure the position and optional height of pins, but also detect missing pins or incorrect connector types. We also offer ready-to-use modules for tumble circuit testing, coding inspection, and our unique virtual connector gauge.

Our Manual Test Station for Electronic Assemblies in the Field

Application Possibilities

Whether automotive, medical technology or mobile phone connectors - we offer manual test stations and fully automated inspection systems for testing various connector types.

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Circular Connectors

When sensors or actuators are integrated into machinery, equipment or harsh industrial environments, circular connectors are the first choice for connection.

Circular Connectors

Board-to-Cable Connectors

Board-to-Cable Connectors

Board-to-cable connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards with different connection cables. This also includes FAKRA connectors.

Board-to-Cable Connectors

high-frequency connectors

RF Coaxial Connector

The powerful RF connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards, cables and devices. They can transmit very high frequencies.

RF Coaxial Connectors

power connectors

Power Connector

Power connectors withstand high currents and voltages. In the automotive industry, they are suitable for both combustion engines and electric motors.

Power Connectors


Data Connector

Data connectors are used in the field of autonomous driving and Industry 4.0. They pass on sensor data collected by environmental sensors to assistance systems.

Data Connectors

miniature connectors

Miniature Connectors

Miniature connectors are used in laboratory and instrumentation applications. The required precision requires an exact coupling of the devices.

Miniature Connectors


PCB Connectors

PCB connectors connect both stacked and parallel printed circuit boards. They are used in 5G networks and other applications.

PCB Connectors


Fiber Optics

Optical fibers consist of so-called light guides, which are made of transparent components such as glass or plastic to transport optical signals in the form of light.

Fiber Optics


Inspect PCB Connectors with sensworks Virtual Connector Gauge

The Virtual Connector Gauge is our unique inspection tool for checking the pluggability of PCB connectors - quickly and without contact.

senswork's virtual connector gauge uses high-resolution cameras and a sophisticated software tool to create an accurate image of the board or socket and check it against the detected pin pattern of a connector. This non-contact approach is flexible and can be used for different connector types without wear or damage to the pins. This provides fast and reliable quality control even for a wide variety of connector types without mechanical setup.

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Here is what our connector inspection measurement and test systems have to offer

  • Measuring pin positions
  • Tumbling circle measurement with/without maximum material principle
  • Measuring pin height
  • 3D planarity testing of PCB connectors
  • Detection of connector coding
  • Verification of housing dimensions
  • Color proofing
  • Measurement of test dummies for self-verification of calibration
  • Implementation of MSA1, MSA2, MSA3
  • System calibration (optionally also according to DAKKS)
  • Provision of calibration means for automatic recalibration

Benefits - that's why with senswork

  • Complete fully integrated inspection units (VisionUnits) from a single source
  • Flexible optical setup: Automatic focusing, very high resolution down to 2µm, various illumination configurations freely switchable
  • Extremely short evaluation time
  • Virtual plug gauge as a unique tool for quality inspection of platinum connectors
  • Extensive software framework
  • VisionCommander© for integration of up to 8 independent inspection stations in one production machine


Inspection System for Connector Assemblies

The senswork measuring system inspects cutting contacts on a connector assembly and eliminates the need for mechanical testing.

Manual Test Station for Connector Modules

Get an insight into our manual test station with 3-axis system for automotive connector assemblies. Guaranteed quality.

Fakra Connector Inspection System

A senswork test system measures the coding, tumble circuit and pluggability of the PCB side of Fakra connector assemblies.


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