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We develop custom-fit machine vision solutions for complex quality assurance tasks - efficient, precise, and innovative

Our turnkey optical image processing systems for industrial applications guarantee the highest level of product quality in your production. As a specialized machine vision company, we at senswork develop custom-fit measuring and inspection systems, tailor-made inspection stations, the ideal camera system and high-performance image processing software for you. Our quality assurance solutions are used daily in a wide variety of industries in Germany, Europe and around the world.

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Optical Measuring & Testing Technology

Sophisticated Methods

Technology that makes the difference: sophisticated optical measurement and inspection systems from senswork are characterized by sophistication, robustness and reliability.
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Optical Measuring & Testing Technology

Sophisticated Methods



Successful Applications

Browse through an excerpt of our successfully implemented sample applications to learn more about senswork's expertise.
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Successful Applications



Vision Software & Hardware

Learn more about our range of customized inspection systems and our vision software packages.
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Vision Software & Hardware

The Right Technology

At the beginning of a project, we select the right measurement and inspection technology for your specific application. Based on this, we develop your customized vision system. Our solutions automate measurement and inspection processes, resulting in a fast return on investment. They also save you time, resources and space. In addition, our technologies help reduce scrap in manufacturing processes. We place great emphasis on high precision, reliability and the optimization of your processes.

The product is created

All designs of our measuring and testing systems are created in the design department. Precisely tailored to your requirements.

Powerful software in the background

Our software architects are constantly developing the software applications, so that your products are reliably tested.

The product is implemented

Our turnkey measuring and testing systems are created in our workshop. They also undergo tests here before they are delivered.

We are here for you

Our support team accompanies you throughout the entire project until commissioning. Even after completion of a project, we are there for you.

Our Expertise

From initial concept to commissioning - our multidisciplinary team manufactures machine vision systems in-house

Our team consists of concept developers, designers, software experts, electricians and mechanics who work closely together to offer you a comprehensive solution. We are experts in our field and ensure perfect coordination of the many interfaces in the areas of automation, mechanical engineering and integration.


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  • Siltronic_Gmach_Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Gmach Siltronic AG

    We value senswork as a reliable partner when it comes to camera-based solutions. We use the systems, which were developed specifically for us with a high level of customer orientation, at all of our production sites globally."


senswork Innovation Lab

In the Munich Innovation Lab, we develop new approaches to solutions with AI

We capture new findings and technologies for industrial image processing at an early stage in order to make them usable in industry and research. In the senswork Innovation Lab, we dedicate ourselves specifically to AI technology Deep Learning, which offers new possibilities for demanding inspection tasks in image data analysis and thus in automated production processes. In this way, we are paving the way for the future of quality assurance in the machine vision industry.

Contact us

Do you need a solution for automated optical measurement or inspection? Don't hesitate to contact us. Send us a short description of your inspection task, the manufacturing environment and information about the object. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you!




Camera guided robotics

senswork & Robotic Vision

Robots are a useful helper - not only for gripping components, but also for aligning cameras or 3D sensors to different inspection areas of a component. We offer optical measurement and inspection systems in combination with collaborative robots.


Optimizing processes with AI

senswork Neuralyze® Vision AI

Pasta products such as gnocchi and spaetzle are produced in a very similar way. When production is switched from one manufacturing process to another, it is important to ensure that the pasta is packaged according to type. Visual inspection using deep learning helps distinguish between them. Find out how AI technology is improving the process and the expertise behind it.

Company brochure

Learn more about senswork

Our company brochure provides a brief overview of our competencies, product portfolio and services in the field of machine vision.

Company Culture

We are committed to sustainable development and act responsibly because we believe in what we do. And we lead by example, treating our employees with respect and supporting their professional growth and development. It also goes without saying that we use resources wisely and that our products are safe and efficient.