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We create custom-fit turnkey machine vision solutions. From Bavaria into the world.

senswork is an expert for turnkey solutions in the field of machine vision, automatic inspection and Deep Learning (AI). We analyze your task in detail and address individual specifications to develop and manufacture the appropriate measurement or inspection system on a turnkey basis. Innovative, reliable and precise.

About us

We develop vision for machines and robots

As an owner-managed company, we have been developing and manufacturing optical measuring and inspection technologies for industrial production since 2011. Our automated quality assurance systems are used every day in a wide range of industries. Our inspection solutions not only measure and inspect products, but also reduce costs and ensure product traceability. The return on investment (ROI) is significantly high. In addition, our solutions are instrumental in the early detection of production rejects, thereby reducing resource consumption.

Guarantors of Success

Innovative ideas, precise planning and implementation as well as many years of experience are our guarantors for success.

With our solutions, we make industrial production even more precise, economical and sustainable. We are paving the way for the future of quality assurance. We develop high-performance optical image processing systems for complex measuring and inspection tasks in production.

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From Bavaria into the World

We are here for you worldwide

We support well-known customers from industry and research from our offices in Burghausen, Munich and Bad Honnef. Our service extends worldwide, and we often implement inspection solutions at multiple locations. When it comes to customers in the U.S., we service their needs from our Tennessee location.

Our headquarters in Burghausen is the core of our development and manufacturing activities for vision solutions. The Innovation Lab in Munich complements our portfolio with the continuous development of AI-based image processing software. As a leading specialist in the field of Deep Learning and AI, we are always striving to adapt new findings at an early stage and make them usable for demanding applications in industry and research.
The product originates

All designs of our measuring and testing systems are created in the design department. Precisely tailored to your requirements.

Powerful software in the background

Our software architects are constantly developing the software applications. So that your products are reliably tested.

The product is implemented

Our turnkey measuring and testing systems are created in our workshop. They also undergo tests here before they are delivered.

We are here for you

Our support team accompanies you throughout the entire project until commissioning. Even after completion of a project, we are there for you.

Our Team

A reliable partner for your project

senswork is led by two managing directors. Our team consists of about 30 employees from various fields who work together to develop customized solutions for you.

Software experts, engineers and technicians work hand in hand. This is how innovative measurement and inspection systems for 2D, 3D, robotics and AI applications are created.

Throughout the entire project and beyond, we are at your side as a reliable partner. Personal consulting and on-site support are a matter of course for us.


Individual solutions

  • Optical measuring and inspection equipment from a single source
  • Inline inspection systems
  • Feasibility studies, consulting
  • Concept development, contract development
  • Complete systems & special solutions
  • System engineering, prototyping
  • Integration and commissioning of systems
  • Components: Cameras, optics, lighting


The technology in the background

  • 2D and 3D inspections
  • 3D metrology
  • Label inspection
  • Position recognition
  • Surface inspection
  • Completeness check
  • Deep Learning (AI)
  • Robotic Vision


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Our Values

»  We are specialists!  

Technical curiosity, passion and enthusiasm are what drive us to create something new and master our customers' challenges with high quality.

»  Agile, flexible and committed

We are and remain agile, flexible and committed. Our professional demands are in a healthy balance with our private concerns.

»  "We get along well together."

Our working environment is friendly and characterized by mutual understanding and cohesion.

»  Responsibility

We take responsibility within the company. We are aware of the consequences of our decisions and actions.

» Communication is important to us!

We maintain a respectful, honest and transparent approach.

» Reliable and binding

We make consistent decisions and are fully committed to them.

» Continuous improvement

By recognizing and communicating mistakes, we can continuously improve.

» Appreciation

We receive recognition and appreciation for our achievements in the company.

» Personal development

We take into account and promote the personal development of each individual employee - based on their interests and skills.


Rainer Obergrussberger CEO

Curiosity and commitment to innovative solutions are key to new developments in AI, Deep Learning and Image Processing."

Biography of Rainer Obergrussberger

Biography of Rainer Obergrussberger

senswork co-founder and managing director Rainer Obergrussberger is primarily responsible for the company's business development and sales management. With over 25 years of experience in machine vision, he continues to develop industrial projects, drive new technological approaches and deliver concepts that inspire customers. This customer-oriented approach is a key factor in senswork's success.

As an expert in the field of computer science, image processing and quality assurance, the computer science graduate has played a major role in this success. His focus on camera technology and image processing at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences as well as his practical experience as a student assistant in the laboratory for image processing systems paved the way for his professional career.

His many years of professional experience, including as a project manager and technical director in an integration house for industrial image processing, have enabled him to gain in-depth knowledge of a wide range of camera technologies. During his extra-occupational master studies in Queensland/Australia he gained valuable experience abroad.

This expertise formed the basis for the foundation of senswork GmbH with Roman Rieger in 2011 in a start-up center in Rosenheim. Just two years later, the company was relocated to Burghausen due to its growing success. Today, about 30 employees work in Burghausen, Munich, Bad Honnef and Johnson City/Tennessee.

One of Rainer's greatest successes is the development of the ZScan® automatic 3D measurement system and other innovative measurement and inspection systems that are used daily by Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive industry customers. His goal is always to solve complex tasks to ensure a zero defect rate.
Roman Rieger CEO

Given the rapid pace of technological development in the automation industry, it is essential to stay at the forefront of innovation."

Biography of Roman Rieger

Biography of Roman Rieger

Together with Rainer Obergrussberger, Roman Rieger founded senswork GmbH in January 2011. The main tasks of the Managing Director of senswork GmbH and senswork Inc. in the USA include the planning and implementation of design and production. In addition, he is responsible for business development and the establishment of senswork Inc. in Tennessee, USA.

System integration, production engineering and automation are among his strengths. As an engineer, precision mechanic and production technician, Roman always strives to find the best solutions for complex inspection tasks and implement them to simplify the production process. For senswork's customers, this means high reliability, high ROI, and cost and time savings. This has been proven in many projects with Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers. The electronics industry is also part of his area of expertise. Thus, he developed numerous optical measurement and inspection systems for electric motors, wafers, batteries and circuit boards.

His goal is that of his customers: To find solutions that reduce costs and ensure product quality by detecting and minimizing rejects early in the manufacturing process. His enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to machine vision has contributed significantly to senswork's success. With approximately 30 employees and four locations worldwide, Roman is driving the international proliferation of senswork products and services, making it possible to guarantee product quality in manufacturing globally.

He works daily to continue to develop innovative turnkey solutions and new products that are missing from the market. In doing so, he is paving the way for the future of quality assurance.
Markus Schatzl Director Innovation Lab

Industrial image processing as a cross-sectional discipline between computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering draws its potential from the knowledge of many. Our strength lies in the contribution of each individual."

Biography of Markus Schatzl

Biography of Markus Schatzl

Markus Schatzl founded senswork's Innovation Lab as a research and development location in Munich in 2019. Apart from managing this business unit, he is in charge of the development of senswork's AI products.

Markus is a computer scientist and has been focusing on computer vision already during university. He then worked for over 12 years as a development engineer at one of the largest European technology providers for machine vision. He is an expert in camera technologies and the design and implementation of systems for analyzing optical data, particularly in the field of 3D imaging.

He is particularly enthusiastic about solving problems at the limits of feasibility. His multidisciplinary and sometimes unconventional approach, his many years of experience in optical technologies and software development as well as his wide-ranging expertise in related technical disciplines have been proven useful on the way.

A central concern for him within the Innovation Lab and beyond is to cultivate the joy of creative anticipation and forward thinking as a natural part of engineering culture, as well as the ethical responsibility associated with technology development.




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We are senswork

Diverse skills and abilities - always a team

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Company Brochure

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We introduce ourselves briefly and concisely in our company brochure: Get to know our expertise and product portfolio for industrial image processing.

Our Milestones

  1. System Integrator, Test Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, 5 Locations

  2. Opening of the office in Singapore
  3. Opening of US office in Johnson City, Tennessee
  4. Opening of the Innovation Lab in Munich with Focus on Deep Learning (AI)
  5. Development of First Products and
    Own Test Equipment Manufacturing
  6. Foundation as System Integrator and Vision Partner

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