Optical Measurement of Tension Shear Strength Samples

Inspecting adhesive joints with optical measuring and testing technology

So-called tension shear strength tests are carried out in testing laboratories for the standardized assessment of bonded joints. In this process, different materials are bonded together and then separated from each other again by tension forces parallel to the bonding surface. senswork offers a measuring device for the cohesion test.


Perform Cohesion Testing on Polymers

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Cohesion testing of adhesives is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of products where reliable adhesion is of great importance. Adhesives play a central role in various industries, from automotive to electronics to construction. The quality and durability of an adhesive depend largely on its cohesion, the internal strength that allows the adhesive molecules to stick together and form a strong bond. Important parameters for evaluating the adhesive are, on the one hand, the forces that occur and, on the other hand, the residual adhesive material on the bonded surfaces (cf. DIN ISO 4587).

Quickly Assess the Quality of the Adhesive Surfaces

Combination of 3D inspection and color image processing

With an optical measuring device, senswork supports the measurement of the adhesive surfaces. Using a smart combination of 3D inspection and color image processing, the adhesive surfaces are automatically detected on the material samples, and overlap areas are determined as areas without wetting with adhesive by a virtual overlay of the two individual adhesive surfaces belonging to each other.



Our Cohesion Detector in Use


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