An automotive supplier manufactures connector strips for the specialty "autonomous driving". These strips must be extremely precise and should be tested using an inline process. The ZFokus from senswork enables pin heights to be determined with an accuracy of ± 0.01 millimeters.

Manufacturers of connector components are confronted with ever increasing demands on the precision of the plug connections and their compactness. The ZFokus from senswork makes full use of its advantages in the coplanarity inspection of SMD assemblies and in the pin height check.

Using the example of the soldering point inspection, ZFokus allows the determination of the soldering volume, the detection of gaps in the soldering point and the evaluation of the shape of a soldering point. ZFokus shows its strengths wherever 2D systems today deliver excessive pseudo rejects when evaluating soldered joints due to fluctuating contrast variances or failing to reliably detect defect features.