Quality assurance is the top priority in the automotive industry. The error tolerances are low. With the ZScan 3D multi-sensor system from senswork, large assemblies made of aluminum or other sheet metal, e.g. oil pans, can be measured three-dimensionally and compared against CAD data.

Volume determination on the production line plays a major role in the food industry. It must be ensured that exactly as much product is packed as is printed on the packaging. With our 3D multi-sensor system ZScan, we can scan cut-to-size or block-format goods such as meat, fish or cheese without shadows and thus determine the exact quantity.

In the production of clay bricks, it is critical to ensure that the bricks are dimensionally accurate. This prevents bricks from leaving the factory beyond the manufacturing tolerances and, under certain circumstances, costly return transport from the construction site. For the reliable detection of defects, senswork has developed the BrickChecker, which can be seamlessly integrated into an existing production line.