VisionCommander by senswork

Image Processing Software of the Next Generation

Customized image processing systems require an appropriate software. In particular when it comes to performance, data tracking or inspection flexibility, standard software products available on the market are no longer sufficient. That is why we have developed VisionCommander, an image processing software for automatic inline inspection with highest standards in terms of reliability, performance and intuitive control.

The VisionCommander supports 2D and 3D cameras and scanners from a wide variety of manufacturers and can carry out up to eight inspections at the same time in separate windows. Its core boasts different calibration mechanisms for sophisticated measuring tasks.

The results of the inspection are saved in real time in an SQL database. This database enables detailed analyzes and data tracking in production. A flexible statistics module also enables a quick overview of the current quality status in production.

With the so-called part-template-builder, an image of your test parts with measurement characteristics can be created, which are then automatically included in the statistics and database module. The flexible user management also enables easy handling of user roles.

Various additional tools such as film strips, flexible image storage system, logging on several levels, import and export of jobs or the change log make the VisionCommander a powerful tool that works with the most common interfaces such as GigEVISION, USB-Vision, GENiCAM, CameraLink, CoaxPress and the PLC Interfaces ProfiNet / ADS / digital IO + Open Protocol is compatible.

VisionCommander PDF:

Download VisionCommander Presentation

WorkVision PDF:

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WorkVision mit senswork

Workvision 4.0 in collaboration with senswork and Atlas Copco

Industry 4.0 in the production process with OpenProtocol: WorkVision 4.0 is an innovative assembly assistance system for optimization, quality assurance and documentation of production processes in series and line production. Using the system, mechanics and machine operators are instructed precisely about the individual assembly steps on the workpiece. At the same time, every move is documented. However, all of this is only possible with a powerful image processing system

OpenProtocol Interface for Image Processing Systems

The assembly assistance system is connected to the camera system using an OpenProtocol interface. The image processing systems deliver the necessary images and parameters in real time. The camera checks every work step, checks the product features and compares the live image with the trained images and assigned work steps in a matter of seconds. The values are saved and can be evaluated for later error analysis.


High-Precision Joining of Vehicle Displays
The senswork prism module enables a simultaneous view in two directions
All-Round View of the Screw Cap in a Picture
The Camera System Detects Scratches on the Screw Cap Closures of Soup Glasses
Fakra Connector Inspection System
Manual Inspection Station withAaxis focusing system for inspection of Fakra connector
Manual Test Station with 3-Axis System for Connector Assembly
When the Resolution by itself is no longer enough ...
3D Inspection System for Saw Blades
Dual 3D camera system detects the smallest dimensional deviations on saw blades
Type Detection & Defect Testing of Plastic Injection Molded Part
Glass plate inspection system for rapid inspection of plastic injection molded parts
Completenss Confirmation at Cooking Field Assemblies
Checking the presence of components when assembling hobs
New 3D Method for Insepcting Coaxial Cables
Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables
Pin Inspection of Fakra Connector Assemblies with Press Fits
Turnkey test device with automatic focusing device
Multi-Camera Inspection of Soaps
Quality assurance in the cosmetics industry
3D Measurement of Synthetic Parts
3D laser scanning system measures component geometries with an accuracy of 0.1 mm
Surface Inspection of Synthetic Parts
Detect the smallest defects on painted surfaces with the shape-from-shading system
3D Position Detection of Synthetic Bags with Time of Flight
Automatic depalletizing by robot
Inspection of the Weld of Subsea Cables
Ensure the quality of the weld seam at the seams of subsea cables
Optical Inspection of Seven Segment Displays
Detecting the Smallest Defects in Injection Molding
Surface Inspection of Cylindrical Aluminum Bodies
Examination of Surface Damage Through 360° Endoscopic Inspection
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