Optical Measuring Systems

Measuring and Inspecting in 2D

There is a large variety of fields of use for camera systems in location detection, position inspection, or e.g. surface inspection in the industry, which require a maximum of flexibility. Based on the components of well-known manufacturers, we create complete systems for dimensional inspection, position check, presence and absence check or other feature recognition down to the µm range.

Our Solutions

  • Location detection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Position inspection
  • Presence and/or absence check
  • Feature recognition down to the µm range
  • Surface inspection
  • Gap dimension test

Measuring Distances and Positions

An industrial image processing system for measuring distances calculates the distance between two or more points or geometric locations of an object and determines whether these measurements meet the specifications. If this is not the case, the image processing system sends a signal to the machine controller and the object is rejected.

Thus, a stationary mounted camera can capture images of parts as they pass through the camera's field of view. The system then uses the software to calculate the distances between one or more points in the image. Since many industrial image processing systems are able to measure object features up to a size of 0.0254 millimeters, there are a variety of applications for such a system.

The Right Selection of Components for Optical Measurement and Inspection

We take over the selection of the camera, optics and lighting as well as the construction of mechanical additional components up to complete optical measuring heads for your AOI.

Our many years of experience in industrial image processing enable us to precisely define hardware and software requirements and to correctly assess measurement and inspection tasks at first go. Our camera-based measuring systems for gap dimension or position inspection are designed according to standardized measuring standards to ensure that the measuring equipment in the system is also capable of measuring. Certified calibration standards allow a validation of the camera calibration especially for measurement tasks.

Possibilities of optical inspection

Inspection tasks range from simple presence and absence tests to complex surface inspections. No matter whether Ethernet-IP, Profinet, Profibus or digital IOs - thanks to flexible modular construction kits we adapt all common interfaces to higher-level control systems. We accompany you from the feasibility study to the commissioning and acceptance of the systems. All from one source.


Reeling Circle Test of Circuit Board
Virtual Connector Gauge checks Circuit Board Connectors for Pluggability
Quality Assurance in Hybrid Bonding
Camera system ensures precise joining process of glass and display
Ensuring the correct feeding of microchips
VisionModule from senswork checks correct feeding of microchips in fully automatic system
High precision Measurement of MTD Connector
Triple camera system measures connector assembly from three sides
Fakra Connector Inspection in fully automated Production
Fakra connector quality assurance
The Virtual Connector Gauge
High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies
2D-Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
The VisionUnit from senswork enables a semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
Pin Inspection of Fakra Connector Assemblies with Press Fits
Turnkey inspection device with an automatic focusing device
Pick & Place Application Supported by Calibrated Camera Systems
Flexfeeder + Robotics + senswork = a smart combination
High-Precision Joining of Vehicle Displays
The prism module from senswork enables a simultaneous view in two directions
Fakra Connector Inspection System
Manual Inspection Station withAaxis focusing system for inspection of Fakra connector
Turnkey Manual Testing Station
Camera system with variable camera adjustment insepcts the Fakra connector assembly
3D Inspection System for Saw Blades
Dual 3D camera system detects dimensional deviations on saw blades
Inspection System for Reversing
Quality Inspection in the Manufacture of Reversing Sensors
Manual Test Station with 3-Axis System for Connector Assemblies
When the resolution alone is no longer enough ...
USB Connector Inspection on Multiple Focal Planes
VisionUnit with automatic focus adjustment checks USB plugs
VisionUnit with Manual or Automatic Focus Adjustment
Maximum image sharpness for a wide variety of component types
Automatic Bore Detection of Airbag Assemblies
Automatically detect holes of different sizes
Inspection of Lubricant Application on Automotive Assemblies
High-contrast representation of the application of grease
Position Detection of Switching Elements
Ensure precise assembly of switching elements for electric stoves
New 3D Method for Inspecting Coaxial Cables
Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables
3D Measurement of Synthetic Parts
3D laser scanning system measures component geometries
Inspection of Welding Spoons for Position Accuracy
Transmitted light illumination enables reliable testing of component positions
Inspection of Cut Contacts on a Connector Assembly
Connector Inspection with a Mirror and Prism System

Industry Sectors

Autonomous, Digital, Electric
For High Performance
On the Move to the Smart Factory
Complex Parts with Complete Processing
The Highest Demands on Measurement Technology
Guaranteed zero-defect rate
Food & Beverages
Ensure perfect shape and filling quantity
Quality Assurance through Vision Systems