ZScan® - the optical 3D measuring system

Measure large and complex objects in seconds

Measuring large and geometrically complex structural components to 100% within seconds and comparing them with the CAD model? - This is possible with ZScan®! Inline, in 3D and without pre-treatment of the surfaces. With IO inspection based on various 3D measuring tools as well as alignment methods such as BestFit or RPS. Another advantage: ZScan® can be loaded with components manually or automatically.

Highlights ZScan® optical 3D measuring system:  

  • 3D measurement & CAD comparison in seconds
  • 100% check for dimensional accuracy / IO inspection
  • Inline placement: automated or manual
  • Flexible: one system for a wide range of components

Checks 100% for dimensional accuracy

The ZScan® multisensor system ensures precise, gapless 3D scanning of large components. Up to 8 scanners capture products up to 1.60 m long and generate a high-resolution 3D image with up to 20 million measuring points. The component is automatically aligned with the CAD image using various alignment methods and shape-specific deviations are automatically checked. Outstanding: Only a few seconds pass from the start of the scan to the result - even with very large components.

An essential feature is the 3D calibration specially developed for ZScan® using high-precision spherical targets, which allows sensors to be calibrated with a free spatial arrangement and the scan data from up to 8 scanners to be spatially merged. As a result, areas that are difficult to access, such as undercuts and the otherwise typical shadowing areas of triangulating sensors, can be avoided as far as possible.

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3D inline measurement in production

ZScan® was specially developed for use directly in production and is characterized by its high robustness. The 3D measuring system can be used directly in the line and can be loaded both manually and automatically. The modular concept allows a direct integration into different production processes as well as an adaptation to different scan volumes and available machine installation spaces.

Here you can see ZScan® in action


Easiest application

As a measuring system that is operated in production instead of in the measuring room, ZScan® is not operated by the trained measuring technician, but by a worker after a short briefing. Depending on the application, the system runs fully automatically as an inline measuring system, or is started via simple operating elements and predefined measuring programs by pressing a start button.

Optimize production processes easily

Upstream or downstream production can be easily optimized with the measurement data generated. The measurement data can be archived and evaluated, and product series and individual scans can be compared with each other. This provides more insight into production processes at each process step. The influence of parameter adjustments in the process is already made measurable in production. Process steps can thus be optimized in a targeted, data-based manner.

In addition, correction parameters can be automatically transmitted to upstream machines during the running process, thus positively influencing production quality. It is also possible to transmit the data to a downstream machine, which takes further steps based on the data.


Benefits of ZScan®

  • High-resolution, seamless 3D scanning of large objects
  • Different axis configurations for a wide variety of applications
  • Contains senswork VC 3D, one of the fastest 3D point cloud frameworks worldwide
  • Unique multi-sensor calibration enables free spatial arrangement of up to 8 sensors
  • Optimized for fast data evaluation in inline processes
  • The modular concept allows direct integration into a wide variety of manufacturing processes

Features of ZScan®

  • Multi-sensor calibration of the position and the transport direction of 3D scanners
  • Automatic alignment of scan data on a reference object
  • Comparison of scan data against a wide variety of CAD formats
  • Fit 3D planes, lines, circles, spheres, cylinders and cones in point clouds
  • ICP (Iterative Closest Point) for multiple area scans and triangle mesh calculations
  • Spatial detection and elimination of outliers


Application Examples for ZScan®

Automotive industry

  • 3D measurement of large assemblies and comparison with CAD
  • 3D measurement of busbars for electric vehicles
  • Determination of three-dimensional defects such as bubbles or blisters on vehicle body-in-white parts
  • Determination of form deviations for manual or automatic straightening processes
  • NEW: ZScan 360 for the 3D measurement of rotational symmetric objects such as gear wheels, stators and rotors

Food & Beverages

  • Volume determination of cut goods such as meat, fish, cheese
  • 3D data provision for cutting systems

Wood industry

  • 360 ° scanning of lengthways goods
  • Scanning of block format goods without shading
  • Volume determination and defect detection






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