Surface Inspection

Flawless Surfaces

Ensuring aesthetic and functionally flawless surfaces in production is one of the disciplines of industrial image processing. senswork offers several surface inspection solutions for different tasks - for example, to detect scratches, streaks, cracks or paint spots.

senswork also has solutions for different materials: from the inspection of reel goods and strip material to the inspection of curved or reflective surfaces. Even color flaws, coating defects, inclusions and paint run can be detected quickly and efficiently.

In combination with a self-learning system – Deep Learning with Cognex ViDi Suite – we create the perfect AOI with artificial intelligence for demanding application.


Our Solutions

Our surface inspection solutions include recognizing:

  • Scratches and streaks
  • Cracks
  • Pimples in finish
  • Damages, raises and indentions
  • Color defects and color deviations
  • Finish defects and inclusions
  • Finish runs

Surface Inspection of Reel Goods

We use line scan cameras for optical inspection of reel goods and strip products, which continuously check the surface for defects - with very high resolution down to the µm range and at high speeds.

Surface Inspection of Bent or Reflecting Surfaces

Curved, bent or reflective surfaces are often difficult to inspect with conventional image processing. senswork has an optimal solution for these applications in 2.5D methods such as photometric stereo. Thus senswork offers completely new perspectives in surface inspection technology. This innovative surface inspection system from senswork is especially useful in cases of low contrast and distracting reflections.


Detection of Imperfections in Endless Strip Material
Deep Learning Tool opens up New Possibilities for AI-based Image Processing
High precision Measurement of MTD Connector
Triple camera system measures connector assembly from three sides
Fakra Connector Inspection in fully automated Production
Fakra connector quality assurance
Inspection System for Membrane Tubes
Line scan camera system ensures cleaning performance of membrane tubes
Surface Inspection of Graphite
Shape-from-Shading system inspects graphite surfaces for damage
All-Round View of the Screw Cap in a Picture
Camera system detects scratches on screw cap closures of soup glasses
Inspection System for Reversing
Quality Inspection in the Manufacture of Reversing Sensors
Type Detection & Defect Testing of Plastic Injection Molded Parts
Glass plate inspection system for rapid inspection of plastic injection molded parts
Washtray Inspection in Battery Case Production
Check washtrays for breaks and absence of components
Multi-Camera Inspection of Soaps
Inspecting the quality of cosmetic soaps
Surface Inspection of Synthetic Parts
Detect the smallest flaws on painted surfaces using Shape from Shading
Inspection of the Weld of Subsea Cables
Ensure the quality of the weld seam at the seams of subsea cables
Surface Inspection of Seven-Segment Displays
Detecting the smallest defects in injection molding
Surface Inspection of Cylindrical Aluminum Bodies
Examination of surface damage through 360° endoscopic inspection

Industry Sectors

Autonomous, Digital, Electric
For High Performance
On the Move to the Smart Factory
Complex Parts with Complete Processing
The Highest Demands on Measurement Technology
Guaranteed zero-defect rate
Food & Beverages
Ensure perfect shape and filling quantity
Quality Assurance through Vision Systems