3D Inspection

Specialized in 3D Systems

3D systems in optical inspection offer possibilities for capturing shape, location and position. However, the use of 3D technologies requires many years of experience, as the complexity of image acquisition and evaluation should by no means be underestimated.

As specialists for 3D laser triangulation systems, stereo cameras, time-of-flight sensors and depth-from-focus systems, we know the differences and possible uses in order to find the best solution for the respective task.

Our Solutions

  • 3D camera systems to locate objects for palletizing and depalletizing tasks
  • Position and location detection for robot systems
  • Volume determination of objects
  • Shape inspection of products in X/Y/Z
  • 3D surface inspection
  • 3D font reading: OCR application for raised labels on e.g. tires, cast parts, ceramics

3D Systems for the Optical Inspection

Laser line triangulation is ideally suited for moving objects with diffuse reflective surfaces to capture shape and position. Stereo cameras are used for the 3D position detection of parts with sufficient surface texture, which is mainly used in robotics for 3D gripping tasks.

Time-of-flight sensors have a lower Z-resolution than other sensors at around 5 mm, but offer a large detection volume with a Z range of several meters. The latter is particularly interesting for palletizing and depalletizing tasks, but also, for example, for determining the volume of cardboard boxes.

Particularly small components can be tested with our specially developed ZFokus®-Camera.


3D Inspection for Gear Shafts
Powered by senswork Vision Commander(R)
Aluminum Die Castings Scan without Shadows
3D measurement by means of laser triangulation
Volume Determination in the Food Industry
Volume determination by means of laser triangulation
3D Measurement of Clay Bricks
Spatial Measurement Using Laser Triangulation
3D Inspection System for Saw Blades
Dual 3D camera system detects dimensional deviations on saw blades
ZFokus - Inspektion von Pressfits an Steckerleisten
Inspection of Press Fits on Connector Strips
Height check with ZFokus
Inspection of Electronic Assemblies
Pluggability Check, Coding and Label Inspection
High Resolution 3D Inline Inspection
Contactless Measurement
Solder Joint Inspection with ZFokus
Contactless Measurement
New 3D Method for Inspecting Coaxial Cables
Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables
Multi-Camera Inspection of Soaps
Inspecting the quality of cosmetic soaps
3D Measurement of Synthetic Parts
3D laser scanning system measures component geometries
360° Laser Scanning of Metal Rods
Check for Breakouts, Chipping, Steps
Surface Inspection of Synthetic Parts
Detect the smallest flaws on painted surfaces using Shape from Shading
3D Position Detection of Synthetic Bags using Time of Flight
Automatic depalletizing by means of a robot

Industry Sectors

Autonomous, Digital, Electric
For High Performance
On the Move to the Smart Factory
Complex Parts with Complete Processing
The Highest Demands on Measurement Technology
Guaranteed zero-defect rate
Food & Beverages
Ensure perfect shape and filling quantity
Quality Assurance through Vision Systems