VisionUnit by senswork

Ready-to-Install Camera Modules

Especially when several cameras have to be integrated on a rotary transfer machine or in a process line, various interfaces need to be coordinated.
  • What is the mechanical installation situation in the system?
  • What are the dimensions of the camera, optics, lighting and how are they to be mounted mechanically?
  • How do you keep all optical components variable for later fine adjustment?
  • How is shielding from external sources resolved?
  • What exactly does the camera's field of view look like and where does the part have to be presented?
  • How do you synchronize a servo axis with a line camera or a 3D scanner?
  • Which electrical interfaces are necessary and how do you divide the responsibilities?

It is obvious that there are many factors that can unnecessarily complicate or delay commissioning.

However, NOT with senswork: To simplify this process of coordination, senswork has developed the VisionUnit. Thanks to defined mechanical and electrical interfaces, optional focus variation units, modular axis systems for scanning applications, and the whole thing housed as a modular system, integration is simple.

The compact test unit can be installed in machines with little effort. This saves a lot of time during commissioning.


Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Cognex In-Sight based VisionUnits by senswork
VisionUnit allows Variable Focus Adjustment in the Tightest of Spaces
Ensuring the correct feeding of microchips
VisionModule from senswork checks correct feeding of microchips in fully automatic system
Surface Inspection of Graphite
Shape-from-Shading system inspects graphite surfaces for damage
2D-Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
The VisionUnit from senswork enables a semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
Pin Inspection of Fakra Connector Assemblies with Press Fits
Turnkey inspection device with an automatic focusing device
OCR System for Turbocharger Guide Vanes
Dual Camera System Detects Nest Numbers on Miniature Components
Turnkey Manual Testing Station
Camera system with variable camera adjustment insepcts the Fakra connector assembly
Inspection System for Reversing
Quality Inspection in the Manufacture of Reversing Sensors
Manual Test Station with 3-Axis System for Connector Assemblies
When the resolution alone is no longer enough ...
USB Connector Inspection on Multiple Focal Planes
VisionUnit with automatic focus adjustment checks USB plugs
Smart Camera with Mirror Deflection
VisionUnit inspects connector assemblies in a test machine
VisionUnit with Manual or Automatic Focus Adjustment
Maximum image sharpness for a wide variety of component types
New 3D Method for Inspecting Coaxial Cables
Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables
Inspection of Cut Contacts on a Connector Assembly
Connector Inspection with a Mirror and Prism System