Testing Equipment Manufacturing

Turnkey Inspection Equipment

A separate inspection station is often required, for example for incoming goods inspection, in a laboratory or as an "end-of-line" solution. A separate test station can also provide important services for manual workstations.

So that everything works as usual, we plan the test device according to the needs of the operator and the work environment. The recorded data can of course be imported into the central database. Everything fits together, everything interlocks.

Tests with an insepction device during development can identify weak points or quality defects in the product at an early stage. This saves time and money and ensures optimal product quality.

All from a single source

How can you ensure that the products you deliver meet the quality requirements of your customers? Are your controls too unsafe and do you get complaints from time to time?

We deliver tailor-made inspection systems that check the 100 % quality of your products at the end of the manufacturing process and ensure that no bad part leaves your premises.

Always up to date

The requirements for a test station can change quickly. Don't worry, we will modernize your test equipment and adapt it to new requirements.

VisionUnit - Turnkey Test Unit for Manufacturers

When several cameras have to be integrated on a rotary transfer machine or in a process line, various interfaces need to be coordinated. In order to simplify this process of coordination, senswork has developed the VisionUnit.

Thanks to defined mechanical and electrical interfaces, optional focus variation units, modular axis systems for scanning applications, and the whole thing housed as a modular system, integration is simple. The compact test unit can be installed in machines with little effort. This saves a lot of time during commissioning - sometimes two to four weeks.


The Virtual Connector Gauge
High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies
2D-Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
The VisionUnit from senswork enables a semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
OCR System for Turbocharger Guide Vanes
Dual Camera System Detects Nest Numbers on Miniature Components
Turnkey Manual Testing Station
Camera system with variable camera adjustment insepcts the Fakra connector assembly
USB Connector Inspection on Multiple Focal Planes
VisionUnit with automatic focus adjustment checks USB plugs
2D Measuring System for Connector Assemblies
VisionUnit from senswork enables semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies
3D Inspection System for Saw Blades
Dual 3D camera system detects the smallest dimensional deviations on saw blades
Smart Camera with Mirror Deflection
VisionUnit inspects connector assemblies in a test machine
VisionUnit with Manual or Automatic Focus Adjustment
Maximum image sharpness for a wide variety of component types
New 3D Method for Insepcting Coaxial Cables
Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables
Pin Inspection of Fakra Connector Assemblies with Press Fits
Turnkey test device with automatic focusing device
Image Documentation System with Barcode Scanner
Detailed picture documentation of products
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