High-resolution 3D Inspection


ZFokus® offers great advantages in the inline and offline inspection of small and micro components. The measurement principle delivers a complete three-dimensional caption of the component geometry from one perspective. The process does not cause problems like triangulation-based shadings in the 3D point cloud or reflection artifacts at the edges of the components. The 3D data obtained allows a precise assessment of three-dimensional features such as coplanarity, height details, inclination of layers, volumes and much more.

3D Multi-Sensor Scanning of Large Objects


The ZScan multi-sensor system for 3D scanning of large objects guarantees high-resolution, seamless 3D scanning of large objects. The technology is suitable for inline and offline measurement. The modular concept allows direct integration into a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Our 3D calibration, developed especially for ZScan, by means of high-precision spherical targets, allows sensors to be calibrated with a free spatial arrangement and the scan data from up to eight scanners to be combined spatially.

Software for the Automatic Inspection


Customized image processing systems require the appropriate software. In particular when it comes to performance, data tracking or inspection flexibility, standard software products available on the market are no longer sufficient. That is why we developed VisionCommander, a computer-based image processing software for automatic inline inspection with highest standards in terms of reliability, performance and intuitive control.

Turnkey Camera Modules for Manufacturers


Difficulties in coordination between system integrators and machine builders are a thing of the past with the VisionUnit. Thanks to defined interfaces and axes for post-configuration, the coordination effort is considerably reduced. The ready-to-install camera module can be installed in machines with little effort. The plug-and-play solution scores particularly well with rotary transfer machines, where up to twelve different camera systems are installed.

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