Optical Inspection to Detect Shape and Position


3D systems in optical inspection offer unprecedented possibilities to detect shape, location and position. However, the application of 3D technology requires many years of experience, as the complexity of imaging and image analysis is not to be underestimated. We are specialists for 3D laser triangulation systems, stereo cameras, time-of-flight sensors and depth-from-focus systems, and have therefore detailed knowledge of the differences and fields of application, which helps us to find the most suitable solution for every task.

Reading and Verification of Codes and Labels


For traceability and identification, 2D codes are now applied to products and components using a wide variety of methods such as laser marking, needling or printing. Generally this is called DPM (Direct Part Marking). In order to guarantee the quality and readability of 2D barcodes in particular, there are different standards such as AIM / DPM or ISO / IEC, some of which define different quality features for evaluating codes. AIM / DPM aims at directly marked barcodes, while ISO / IEC 15415 deals with printed 2D codes.

Pick & Place for Robot Systems


The position detection and guidance of parts can have different purposes. First, a vision system can determine the position and orientation of a part, match it to a specified tolerance, and ensure that the angle is correct for correct assembly. Furthermore, the position and alignment of the part in a 2D or 3D space can be passed on to the robot or machine control so that the robot can locate the part or the machine can align the part. Precise and robust 2D or 3D position detection for the pick & place automation of parts in robot systems is an essential part of automation. With camera technology from senswork, parts are localized independently of rotation and position data in X / Y and optionally also Z are transmitted to the robot controller.

Ensuring Perfect Surfaces


Ensuring aesthetically and functionally perfect surfaces in production is one of the disciplines of industrial image processing. senswork offers several solutions for surface inspection for different tasks - for example to detect scratches, streaks, cracks or paint pimples. senswork also has solutions for different materials: from the inspection of reel goods and strip material to the inspection of curved or reflective surfaces. Even color flaws, coating defects, inclusions and paint run can be detected quickly and efficiently.

Complete Systems for Optical Inspection


The applications of camera systems for position detection, position checking or for surface inspection in industry are versatile and require maximum flexibility. Based on the components of well-known manufacturers, we create complete systems for dimensional checks, position checks, presence and absence checks or other feature detection down to the µm range.

Product Inspection before Final Acceptance


  • Are all parts available and correctly installed?
  • Is the label attached and in the right place?
  • Are all screws in place and provided with locking varnish?
  • Is the blister completely filled and are all parts in the correct position?

This is only a small selection of possible completeness control tasks that can be elegantly solved with our systems. In the fully automated final inspection, thanks to the turnkey image processing systems from senswork, the completeness check of products or the complete assembly is ensured.

Cameras, Lenses, Lights


Lighting, lenses, image sensors and communication are among the most important components in image processing. The lighting ensures that the inspection part can be clearly recognized by the camera. The lens captures the image and displays it for the sensor. The industrial image processing camera sensor converts this information into a digital image, which is then sent to the processor for analysis purposes.