ZFokus® by senswork

Application Examples for ZFokus

  • 3D inspection of plug-in modules
  • Planarity measurements of electronic components (connection pins, SMD modules...)
  • 3D inspection of micro injection molding components
  • Soldering joints inspection
  • Generally: three-dimensional height inspection with high resolution in small visual fields


With Great Inspection Accuracy

With the ZFokus camera developed by senswork, you can inspect components up to a size of 11.5 x 11.5 mm with a precision of up to 0.01mm in Z direction.

Advantages of ZFokus: Complete 3D Image

ZFokus® offers major advantages for the inspection of small and micro components in in-line and offline inspection. The measurement principle delivers a complete three-dimensional caption of the component geometry from one perspective. The process does not cause problems like triangulation-based shadings in the 3D point cloud or reflection artifacts at the edges of the components.

The 3D data obtained allows a precise assessment of three-dimensional features like, co-planarity, height details, inclination of layers, volume etc. Furthermore, ZFokus® offers a very high lateral detail resolution in particular in small fields of vision of approximately 5µm per pixel. And what is also worth mentioning: our 3D and 2D analysis can be completed "in one go", as a result of the additional 2D focused image that is being captured of the component.


ZFokus - Inspektion von Pressfits an Steckerleisten
Inspection of Press Fits on Connector Strips
Height check with ZFokus
High Resolution 3D Inline Inspection
Contactless Measurement
Solder Joint Inspection with ZFokus
Contactless Measurement