Complex Parts with Complete Processing

The trend in the synthetic industry is towards the complete processing of synthetic parts directly on the press. At the same time, the parts are assuming increasingly complex shapes - whether in injection molding, extrusion, rotational molding or foaming. With our process know-how and our solutions for optical inspection, we can ensure a smooth production process in synthetic processing. We also develop systems for quality assurance in the final inspection of all the parts.


Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Cognex In-Sight based VisionUnits by senswork
VisionUnit allows Variable Focus Adjustment in the Tightest of Spaces
Inspection System for Membrane Tubes
Line scan camera system ensures cleaning performance of membrane tubes
Position Detection of Switching Elements
Ensure precise assembly of switching elements for electric stoves
3D Measurement of Synthetic Parts
3D laser scanning system measures component geometries
Surface Inspection of Synthetic Parts
Detect the smallest flaws on painted surfaces using Shape from Shading
3D Position Detection of Synthetic Bags using Time of Flight
Automatic depalletizing by means of a robot
Robot Pick & Place Application with Conveyor Tracking
Filling of trays with 120 parts per minute by a Scara robot