The Highest Demands on Measurement Technology

In order for the injection, the catheter or the stent to sit perfectly and also fully fulfill their function, the highest quality is required in production. Medical Technologies demand precision and prevail safety. We can meet precisely these requirements with our high-resolution, optical 3D measurement technology. We also ensure the surface finish and quality of surgical instruments.


Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Cognex In-Sight based VisionUnits by senswork
VisionUnit allows Variable Focus Adjustment in the Tightest of Spaces
The Virtual Connector Gauge
High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies
Quality Assurance for First Aid Kits
Location Detection and Completeness Confirmation using Deep Learning
Reading the „best before“ date on bottoms of bottles
Font Reading for Transparent Packaging using Deep Learning
Inspection of Glass Vials
Defect Detection on Reflective Surfaces using Deep Learning