Quality Assurance through Vision Systems

The cosmetics industry produces substances that are intended for the human body. Industrial image processing systems are used in a wide variety of processes in the cosmetics industry. There are strict regulations and high standards that have to be adhered to exactly. We offer camera technology that detects damage to cosmetic products quickly and reliably.


Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Transparent LabDisks testable inline
Cognex In-Sight based VisionUnits by senswork
VisionUnit allows Variable Focus Adjustment in the Tightest of Spaces
Solder Joint Inspection with ZFokus
Contactless Measurement
Multi-Camera Inspection of Soaps
Inspecting the quality of cosmetic soaps
Surface Inspection of Synthetic Parts
Detect the smallest flaws on painted surfaces using Shape from Shading
Robot Pick & Place Application with Conveyor Tracking
Filling of trays with 120 parts per minute by a Scara robot