Sustainability at senswork

Sustainable Use of Resources

Industrial image processing plays a key role in optimizing manufacturing processes. Precisely fitting, optical inspection systems ensure high product quality, early detection of defects, fewer rejects and thus sustainable use of raw materials, energy and system resources.


The efficient use of resources and the protection of nature are very important to us.

So that our company leaves the lowest possible ecological footprint, we have installed systems to monitor energy consumption at our company locations.

Since 2014 we have been using green electricity from renewable energies to reduce CO2 emissions.

When it comes to consumables such as paper and packaging material, we ensure that the goods ordered have a high percentage of recycling.

Half of our electronic devices are refurbished. This saves valuable resources that would be necessary to manufacture new devices.


We attach great importance to employee-oriented, innovation-promoting and future-oriented corporate management.

senswork offers its employees an attractive working environment with high company social benefits. The range of flexible working time models gives our employees the opportunity to combine work and family.

The topic of training, further education and training is very important at senswork. We promote the individual interests and skills of our employees through targeted training courses.

In addition, we are involved in the region and work closely with schools, educational academies and university institutions, for example by supporting young talents with a scholarship.


"With our image processing solutions we can help to conserve resources."