Inspect reflective foil surface efficiently and reliably with Deep Learning

Deep Learning Surface Inspection senswork Neuralyze
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Application and Solution

Delamination in laminated foils can damage the contents of the packaging. One of the reasons for film delamination in plastic packaging is the formation of bubbles. Until now, it has only been possible to identify such bubbles automatically at great expense.

The challenge here is that the film surface usually does not have a homogeneous topology and the different material thicknesses refract the light differently. Only the combination of different recording and illumination techniques makes the defects reliably detectable. However, this turning and tilting can only be solved with camera systems at a disproportionately high cost.

With the deep learning technology Neuralyze®, tiny bubbles in foils are detected early and reliably. In this way, senswork automatically ensures the quality and tightness of weld seams during seal seam inspection. 

Learn more about the image processing software Neuralyze®.



  • Detecting bubbles and other defects
  • Ensuring the quality of the welds







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