Optical Metrology in 2D

Quickly and precisely check geometric parameters of parts in one level? That's possible with senswork's optical 2D measurement technology.

Based on the components from well-known manufacturers, we create turnkey systems for dimensional inspection down to the µm range. The design of the system components, the determination of the required resolution as well as the calibration of our systems are carried out at the highest level and according to standardized norms. We support you from the concept development to the execution of the measurement system analysis (MSA).


2D Measurement of Parts

Solution for fast, automated measurement

Optical 2D metrology determines dimensions and checks geometric deviations while taking into account references and tolerances. Typical tasks include the inspection of contours, radii, distances, positions and angles, or the detection of defects such as interfering contours, missing holes and breakouts. The focus here is on proving the measurement capability of an optical system according to standardized specifications.


The combination of telecentric lenses and high-resolution cameras in optical metrology enables extremely precise measurements. Telecentric lenses provide virtually distortion-free measurement regardless of object depth, while high-resolution cameras capture the finest details. Calibration ensures accuracy, and the use of transmitted and reflected light technologies allows the inspection of both internal structures and surface details. Continuous analysis of the measurement system ensures reliability and accuracy of results, making this technology a powerful solution for various applications. Our expert team can assist you from system design to final integration.

Our 2D Metrology Toolbox Includes:

  • Length Measurement: 
    Capturing and determining the length of lines or edges of objects, often used in manufacturing to verify the size of parts.
  • Width Measurement: 
    Capture the width of objects, in applications such as material inspection or product width measurement.
  • Diameter Determination: 
    Measurement of the diameter of circles or cylinders, for example in the production of bores or pipes.
  • Area Measurement: 
    Calculation of the area of objects or marked regions in images, useful in quality control or biomedical applications.
  • Angle Measurement: 
    Detection of the angle between lines or edges, relevant in manufacturing or robotics for alignment purposes.
  • Roundness Measurement: 
    Evaluating the roundness of objects by measuring the deviation of a circle from perfect circularity.
  • Parallelism & Squareness Measurement: 
    Detection of parallelism of lines or squareness of surfaces, important for inspection of components or assemblies.
  • Distance Measurement: 
    Detection of distances between certain features in images, relevant for precise placement of objects or dimensioning of components in robotics.

Optical Metrology Applications

  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Position Detection / Robotics
  • Dimensional Measurement
  • Surface Inspection

The Right Selection of Components

We take care of the selection

We have many years of experience in industrial image processing. That's why we can precisely define the hardware and software requirements and correctly assess the measurement and inspection tasks from the very beginning.


Our camera-based measurement systems for gap or position inspection are designed according to standardized measurement standards to ensure measurement capability in the factory. Certified calibration standards allow validation of camera calibration specifically for measurement tasks.


Possible Applications

  • Contour measurement of metal parts
  • Blank inspection in electronics manufacturing
  • Print inspection in the printing industry
  • Component inspection in the automotive industry
  • Textile quality control
  • Pharmaceutical tablet inspection
  • Labeling and packaging inspection
  • Quality control of glass products
  • Woodworking
  • Cutting and punching machine inspection
  • and many more.

We guide you from the feasibility study to the commissioning and acceptance of the systems. All from a single source.



Calibration of camera systems plays a critical role in ensuring accurate and reliable measurements of optical systems. We use calibration tools such as checkerboard or dot patterns to optimize the calibration process.


At senswork, we manufacture and integrate precisely fitting calibration means that can also be used in the machine context. This allows recalibration in the production line without having to remove the camera. 


Upon request, we can have calibration standards measured by DAKKS-certified institutes to best meet our customers' QA requirements.


Implementation of Measurement System Analyses

The selection of the appropriate MSA standard depends on the respective industry and the specific requirements. In many cases, several standards are combined to perform MSA according to individual needs. The correct application of these standards is crucial to ensure accurate and reliable measurements and to improve the quality of products and processes.


We work with you to perform MSAs (Measurement System Analyses) during the validation of our optical measurement systems. If required, we can also provide the appropriate calculation tools.


Why choose senswork?

We specialize in designing optical measuring and testing systems with more than 25 years of experience. As a manufacturer-independent provider, we always select the most suitable hardware to also ensure maximum accuracy and availability later for ongoing operation.


As a provider of turnkey inspection modules and measuring and testing equipment, we take all inspection-related issues into our own hands and ensure smooth project execution and the best possible risk avoidance from the very beginning.


Our multidisciplinary team consisting of experts in optical measurement and inspection technology, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as our software team develops unique camera solutions to perfection on a daily basis.



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