Verify Completeness & Ensure Product Quality

Color, shape and position verification, sorting, counting

We offer systems for automatic, optical inspection for final product testing. With our image processing systems we can guarantee the completeness of products or the complete assembly.


The Last Step Prior to Final Packaging - An Important Part of Quality Assurance

Final product inspection is the keyword for completeness check applications, in automatic sorting or counting:


  • Are all parts present and correctly installed?
  • Is the label attached and in the correct place?
  • Are all screws present and provided with locking varnish?
  • Is the blister fully assembled and are all parts in the correct position?

This is just a selection of possible inspection tasks in fully automated final inspection that we can solve with our turnkey image processing systems.


Our Solutions

  • Counting of features on assemblies
  • Completeness check of assemblies and components
  • Inspection of assemblies and product carriers
  • Checking colors / shapes / position, for example of connectors and color-coded single wires
  • Avoiding wrong ingredients in food technology
  • Find missing products quickly

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Quality Assurance for First-Aid Kits

Quality assurance in medical technology: Deep Learning is used to reliably verify the completeness of first aid kits.

Washtray Inspection in Battery Casing Production

In battery case production, the inspection of washtrays is very important. Our camera system helps with defect detection.

Precise Lubricant Application on Automotive Assemblies

Our metrology system enables the testing of lubricant application on automotive assemblies and provides a stable evaluation.


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