Complete 3D inline measurement in just a few seconds

With ZScan® Easy, parts such as battery cells can be scanned quickly and precisely in 3D. Automated 3D measurement and inspection take place seamlessly within seconds, directly in the production environment.

With the ZScan® Easy 3D measuring system, the dimensional accuracy of parts can be checked directly during the production process. Within seconds, a component is scanned and compared with its CAD model in 3D. This enables reliable quality control of each individual object in a matter of seconds, without the need for re-inspection in the measuring room. ZScan® Easy also offers the advantage that the parts can be fed in both manually and automatically.

3D Inline Measurement at the Beat

Quality assurance directly on the production line

The production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars is a complex process that involves high material and energy costs. Economical, reliable production with minimal waste is therefore of crucial importance.


With ZScan® Easy, senswork offers a system for the inline 3D measurement of battery modules using up to eight area scanners. In just a few seconds, ZScan® Easy measures complete battery modules in three dimensions and transfers the results directly to production.

100 % of the parts measured

ZScan® Easy offers a variety of 3D measurement tools and evaluation methods for precise evaluation. Our VisionCommander® 3D Metrology Framework includes all common 3D metrology methods such as GD&T functions, surface comparison or alignment methods according to procedures such as BestFit, RPS or 3-2-1.

ZScan® Easy scores points above all for its speed: a scan only takes a few seconds, even with large components. 


Product Guide

ZScan® Easy - 3D measuring system for battery production

The 3D measuring system offers precise and seamless 3D capture of components such as battery cells in just a few seconds. With up to eight scanners, products up to a length of 2.0 m x 2.0 m x 1.5 m can be captured, generating a high-resolution 3D image with up to 12 million measuring points.

Optimize Production Processes

Utilize the potential

Production can be easily optimized using the measurement data generated by ZScan® Easy. The measurement data can be:

  • archive
  • evaluate
  • compare product series and individual scans with each other.
This provides a deeper insight into the production processes. The influence of parameter adjustments in the process can already be measured during production. In this way, the process steps can be specifically optimized with the 3D measuring system based on the data collected.

Furthermore, ZScan® Easy can automatically transmit correction parameters to upstream machines during the ongoing process, which has a positive effect on production quality. It is also possible to transmit the data to downstream machines, which carry out further steps based on the data.


Fields of Application

Examples of how you can benefit from ZScan® Easy in your industry


Battery Cells

3D Inspection Electromobility

Planarity measurement and distance measurement of single cells and battery modules

Battery Cells

3D Inspection Electromobility

iStock-1154003170 900 x 900

Stamped and Bent Parts

Automotive 3D Inspection

Detect defects such as bubbles or blisters on pressed and bent parts

Stamped & Bent Parts

Automotive 3D Inspection


Aluminum Die Casting

Automotive 3D Inspection

Measure parts in 3D and compare with CAD data

Aluminum Die Casting

Automotive 3D Inspection


Manufacturing Battery Cells Economically and Reliably

Several 3D surface scanners capture parts such as battery cells with virtually no shadowing. The associated VisionCommander® measuring software enables the cells to be measured quickly in just a few seconds.


This is what ZScan® Easy does in battery cell production:

  • Planarity measurement of single cells and complete cell clusters
  • Distance measurement of single cells and battery modules
  • 3D measurement of battery clusters to housing
  • 3D measurement of battery housings
  • 3D measurement of battery contacts
  • 3D CAD comparison
  • 3D surface inspection of foamed battery storage systems
  • Determination of shape and position tolerances according to GD&T


ZScan® Easy impresses with many unique selling points

  • Scan & evaluation in a few seconds
  • 3D measurement & dimensional accuracy check
  • Volume determination & angle detection
  • Flaw detection
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick amortization
  • Up to 8 laser scanners can be combined
  • ICP (Iterative Closest Point) and global registration
  • 12 million measuring points per single scan
  • High resolution thanks to 4K laser scanner technology
  • Flexible with object size & volume
  • Automated or manual inline assembly
  • Automatic alignment with several methods
  • Quick & simple calibration
  • For as many components as required
  • Developed in Germany
  • Automated CAD comparison
  • No pre-treatment, completely without spraying
  • High data quality
  • Any number of RPS measuring points possible
  • Evaluation with data series and images
  • Correction parameters as feedback information to the machine
  • Reliable data on a wide range of materials

Measuring Ranges




No axle required

Static Process

ZScan® Easy captures the measurement object in 3D with high resolution and precision. The object is not in motion during the measurement process.


Simple and tried-and-tested

Inline Calibration

Continuous calibration ensures that the measurement results are consistent and precise.


No photogrammetry markers needed

Works without Markers

For the optical 3D measuring system, you do not need any reference points for image analysis and calculation of the 3D coordinates.

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