Proven Machine Vision Software for Automated Quality Assurance

VisionCommander® scores with high performance for efficient inspection processes and with an intuitive user interface

Custom vision systems require custom software. Especially when it comes to performance, data tracing and flexibility in inspection tasks, standard software products are not sufficient. That is why we have developed VisionCommander®.

Software for Industrial Image Processing

High performance for automated inline production

Our PC-based image processing software is used daily by numerous customers in industry. In automatic inline inspection, it ensures the highest standards of reliability, performance and intuitive usability.



Application Possibilities


2D Metrology

Determine exact dimensions


Surface Inspection

Guarantee perfect surfaces


Deep Learning

Solve complicated inspection tasks efficiently


3D Metrology

Precisely measure structures


Label Inspection

Recognize fonts, codes and symbols


3D Inspection

Capture shape and position of products



User Interface

In VisionCommander®, up to eight inspection stations are possible using a maximum of 8 cameras simultaneously. The individual stations are clearly displayed in separate windows including all relevant result values, image strips and image overlays. Result data can optionally be visualized numerically and graphically with target values. This gives you a quick overview of the status of the inspections currently in progress.


Deep Learning Features

VisionCommander® supports two well-known Deep Learning tools:

  • senswork Neuralyze
  • Cognex Vidi

VisionCommander® combines classical image processing with Deep Learning functions such as classification, semantic segmentation and object search. Our Deep Learning tools work not only with 2D but also with 3D data, making them unique in the world of machine vision!

senswork 3D Metrology Framework for Fast Processing of 3D Point Clouds

3D features include:

  • CAD Comparison / Best-Fit
  • False color comparison
  • 3D geometry matching
  • 3D measuring tools
  • Import and export of different 3D formats
  • Multi-sensor calibration
  • ... and much more.

Scanning with Multiple Sensors
VisionCommander® 3D calibration enables the merging of multiple 3D scanners into one point cloud coordinate system.


Statistics Module

  • Batch reset
  • Timing statistics
  • Result statistics
  • Trend analyses
  • CSV export

Digital Reference Part Check

Digital reference part check verifies inspection tasks against a defined set of sample images and enables PDF reports on the results. This ensures that the current inspection tasks, including the set parameters, are working correctly.

Comprehensive 2D Tools Based on Cognex VPro

  • Pattern Search PatMax(R)
  • Blobs
  • Edge and circle tools
  • Calibration
  • Filter functions
  • Scripting
  • ... and many more

Flexible User Administration

VisionCommander® offers flexible user administration, role assignment and definition of permissions. A user can be defined with free assignment of rights. This protects against unauthorized changes to inspection-relevant parameters during ongoing production.

Relational Database for Storing Data from Results

  • Long-term storage of result values per product
  • Data filtering
  • CSV export
  • Extensive statistical functions based on the entries in the database
  • Database synchronization for connection to tracability systems
  • ...and much more

Flexible Product Management

VisionCommander® saves parameters and result data product-related. This gives you the best possible overview in production.


  • Parameterization of different product types by parameter lists.
  • Definition of product characteristics and associated measurement and test values.
  • Storage of all measurement and test values in a generic database.
  • Extensive statistical evaluations per product.

VisionCommander® Audit Trail

VC Audit Trail tracks all parameter changes during operation, and stores them in a database along with the ID of the logged-in user, timestamp, and the change made.

VisionCommander® Data Analyzer for Rework Stations

Offline software for visualizing inspection results on rework stations. 

Visualize the inspection results of a component, for example, using a serial number or DataMatrix code to obtain the component's defect information for post-processing.


VisionCommander® works with many common interfaces, including:

  • GigE Vision
  • USB
  • GenICam
  • Camera Link
  • CoaXPress
  • Profinet
  • workvision 4.0
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT


  • Cameras:

    VisionCommander® supports 2D and 3D cameras and scanners from a wide range of manufacturers. The software can run up to eight inspections in parallel in separate windows. At its core, it has various calibration mechanisms for demanding measurement tasks.

  • Results:

    The results of the inspection are stored in real time in an SQL database. The database enables detailed analyses and data tracing in production. A flexible statistics module also provides a quick overview of the current quality status in production.

  • Interfaces:

    Various additional tools such as film strips, logging on multiple levels and the import and export of jobs make VisionCommander® a powerful tool that is compatible with common interfaces such as GigE Vision, USB, GenICam, Camera Link, CoaXPress as well as the PLC interfaces Profinet and ADS.

  • Handling:

    With the so-called Part-Template-Builder, an image of test parts with measurement characteristics can be created. This image is automatically included in the statistics and database module. The flexible user administration allows easy handling of user roles.



Inline Test Station for Medical Technology

With its testing station, senswork ensures the quality of transparent cartridges for medical technology. Directly in the production process.

3D Inspection for Gear Shafts

senswork's 3D inspection camera system improves the quality of gear shafts in harsh environments.

Detection of Defects in Continuous Belt Material

Learn how AI-based image processing from senswork detects bubbles, inclusions and defects in transparent sheets.

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