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Fast, easy & fully automated 3D measurement of large parts in production

ZScan® 3D Multisensor Scanner

Checking the dimensional accuracy of large and complex products in just a few seconds - that's possible with ZScan®. Automatic 3D inline inspection with CAD comparison and an evaluation with false color images and data analysis. With ZScan® you can quickly and easily realize a 100% inspection directly in production. Learn more in the Product Guide.

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Implement manual optical inspection of printed circuit boards remotely

RemoteMOI XL Digital Microscope

Save costs and effort in manual optical inspection (MOI) - this is possible with RemoteMOI XL. The highlight: The remote version of the high-resolution digital microscope makes it possible to physically separate the inspection and test stations. Learn more in our product guide.

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Fast and seamless quality control in battery cell production

ZScan® Easy

With ZScan® Easy, components such as battery cells can be scanned quickly and precisely in 3D. Automated 3D measurement and inspection takes place seamlessly in a matter of seconds directly in the production environment.  

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Flexible testing technology for the optical inspection of connectors

Connector Inspection in Manufacturing

Connectors must be manufactured precisely so that there are no complications during assembly or later in use. In this guide, you will find out what is important in the production of connector assemblies and what solutions image processing offers for maintaining tolerances and dimensions.

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An introduction to Deep Learning in the automation industry

Deep Learning & Image Processing

How does classic machine vision differ from AI technologies like Deep Learning? Which tasks can be solved with it? Is it worth investing in the new technology? The Deep Learning guide answers these questions and shows how you can benefit from Deep Learning in image processing.

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Powerful Deep Learning tool for the automation industry

Neuralyze® – Deep Learning Software

Are you looking for a solution to ensure the quality of complex test objects? This is where Deep Learning, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is often used. Learn now how our AI vision software Neuralyze® helps you and which functions it offers.

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Flexible image processing software for automatic optical inspection

VisionCommander® Image Processing Software

Our universal machine vision software for 2D and 3D image processing as well as Deep Learning offers intuitive operation and high performance for automatic inline inspection. Learn more about the functionality of our PC-based machine vision software for automatic inline inspection now.

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