Optical Measurement of Parts with the 3D Scanner ZScan® - Fast, Precise & Inline

High-resolution and seamless 3D scanning of large and geometrically complex parts, automated 3D measurement and inspection. In seconds. Directly in production. This is what ZScan® makes possible.

With the ZScan® 3D measuring system, the dimensional accuracy of large and complex objects can be checked directly in the production process. In a matter of seconds, a part is scanned and compared with its CAD model in 3D. Without pre-treatment of the surfaces. A valid IO inspection of each individual part is therefore possible within seconds, without any need for post-testing in the measuring room. Another advantage: ZScan® can be loaded with parts manually or automatically.

ZScan®: The 3D Measuring System with Multi-Sensor Scanner

Delivers precise measurement and inspection in seconds

Thanks to a free spatial arrangement, several laser triangulation sensors detect parts, such as aluminum die castings from the automotive industry, almost shadow-free. Based on this, the associated VisionCommander 3D measuring software measures the parts within a few seconds and supports all common alignment methods such as RPS alignment, 3-2-1 alignment or Bestfit. In addition, a direct false color comparison to the CAD model is possible - of course also within seconds.



3D Measurement

Up to 8 laser scanners scan the measurement volume from different perspectives and generate a high-resolution 3D data set with up to 20 million measurement points.


One System for All Parts


With ZScan®, many different parts can be inspected without the need for a complex fixture. This can significantly accelerate the setup time for changing parts.


Automated or Manual

Inline Measurement

Thanks to high robustness, ZScan® can be used directly on the production line. With manual or automated placement, as required.


Seamless 3D Scan

More Measurement Points

ZScan® detects undercuts and shadow areas. Not only individual measuring points, but the entire part is compared to the CAD drawing.

Simply Check All Parts IO

Improve informative value

For a meaningful evaluation, ZScan® offers various 3D measurement tools and useful evaluation methods: The part is automatically aligned with the CAD drawing using various alignment methods such as BestFit, RPS and 3-2-1 and checked for shape-specific deviations. Only a few seconds elapse between the start of the scan and the result - even with very large parts.

A further advantage is that a direct false-color comparison allows you to see at a glance areal form deviations in places where no measuring points may have been placed. A clear advantage over the slower CMM measurement.

Optimize Production Processes

Take advantage of the potential

Upstream or downstream production can be easily optimized with the measurement data generated by ZScan®. The measurement data can be:

  • archived
  • evaluated
  • Compared product series and individual scans with each other.
This enables more insight into production processes at every process step. The influence of parameter adjustments in the process is already made measurable in production. The process steps can therefore be optimized in a targeted, data-based manner using the 3D measuring system.

In addition, ZScan® can automatically transmit correction parameters to upstream machines during the running process and thereby positively influence the production quality. It is also possible to transmit the data to a downstream machine, which takes further steps based on the data. For example, with the ZScan® 3D measuring system it is possible to measure busbars for battery cells three-dimensionally and to automatically determine correction values regarding feed and bending angle of the individual segments from the scan data.

Application Possibilities

Examples of how you can benefit from the ZScan® 3D measurement system in your industry


Die-Cast Aluminum

3D Inspection | Automotive

Measure large parts in 3D and match them to CAD data

Die-Cast Aluminum

3D Inspection | Automotive

iStock-1154003170 900 x 900

Stamped & Bent Parts

3D Inspection | Automotive

Detect defects on stamped and bent parts, such as bubbles or blisters

Stamped & Bent Parts

3D Inspection | Automotive



3D Inspection | Automotive

Measure busbars in process, determine correction parameters


3D Inspection | Automotive



3D Inspection | Wood

Determine volume and dimensional accuracy of block format or lengthwise goods


3D Inspection | Wood


Clay Bricks

3D Inspection | Construction

Ensure dimensional accuracy and squareness of bricks

Clay Bricks

3D Inspection | Construction



3D Inspection | Food & Beverage

Determine packaging size and volume of cold cuts or block goods


3D Inspection | Food & Beverage


ZScan® convinces with many unique features

  • Scan & evaluation in seconds
  • 3D measurement & dimensional check
  • Volume determination & angle detection
  • Flaw detection
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast return on investment
  • Up to 8 laser scanners can be combined
  • ICP (Iterative Closest Point) and global registration
  • 20 million measurement points and more per scan
  • High resolution thanks to 4K laser scanner
  • Flexible object size & volume
  • Inline assembly automated or manual
  • Automatic alignment with multiple methods
  • Quick & easy calibration
  • For any number of parts
  • Developed in Germany
  • Automated CAD comparison
  • Without pretreatment, completely without spraying
  • High quality data
  • Any number of RPS measuring points possible
  • Evaluation with data series and images
  • Correction parameters as feedback information to the machine
  • Robust data on a wide variety of materials

Rainer Obergrußberger

CEO at senswork GmbH

We experience ZScan® as a game changer in production-related measurement technology. Customers are enthusiastic about the immense time savings, as measurements in the measuring room are no longer necessary with ZScan®.“

Rainer Obergrußberger

CEO at senswork GmbH



Data Sheet (Configuration Examples)

ZScan® S ZScan® M ZScan® L
Resolution Z 23 µm 49 µm 87 µm
Scan volume
X = Axis direction,
Y = Depth, Z = Height
X (max): 2,000 mm
Y: 300 mm
Z: 200 mm
X (max): 3,000 mm
Y: 700 mm
Z: 500 mm
X (max): 6,000 mm
Y: 1,000 mm
Z: 1,000 mm
Resolution Y 60 µm 134 µm 205 µm
Resolution X Dependent on scan time
Typically: 0.2 mm
Dependent on scan time
Typically: 0.2 mm
Dependent on scan time
Typically: 0.2 mm

ZScan Product Guide

Learn more about the fast & flexible 3D measurement system ZScan®

Higher flexibility, lower costs - ZScan® enables fast and precise 3D measurements of large parts directly in production. Measurement and evaluation takes place within a few seconds.



No specialized personnel required

Easy to use

Not the trained measuring technician, but a production employee operates ZScan® after a short briefing. This frees up capacities in the measuring room.


Simple control system

Intuitive Functions

ZScan® is controlled by simply pressing a start button. Thanks to the false-color image, the evaluation is clear and can be recorded quickly.

schnelle Bauteilewechsel

Intuitive & simple

Fast Parts Changeover

Every employee can change parts quickly and easily after a brief instruction: Thanks to the low demands placed on the part fixture, a setup process often takes only a few minutes.

Measuring systems

Recognizing Trends in Time

Production Control

With ZScan® you consistently keep track of your product quality. Deviations are detected in real time and enable immediate correction of production parameters.

Save a lot of time: ZScan® instead of Measuring Room

Large and complex parts such as die-cast aluminum parts are usually inspected by experienced metrologists in a separate measuring room. With ZScan® this is much faster and easier.

Scarce resources in the measuring room can be saved with ZScan® , with an equally valid result and even more verifiable measuring points. The large amount of time required for manual inspection is eliminated in comparison to a complete inspection of the part within seconds. ZScan® overcomes the previously high time offset from part removal to the determination of the measurement data. Product adjustments or corrections are made directly in the production cycle with the innovative 3D measuring system. In addition, due to the brevity of the measurement and inspection, every component can be inspected. And all this directly in production, directly on or in line.

Workflow ZScan
Weiß Schwarz Grau Handgezeichnet Linien Erklärer Bildungsvideo(3)


3D Measurement of Clay Bricks

A system for 3D measurement uses laser triangulation to ensure the dimensional accuracy and squareness of clay bricks.

Determine Packaging Size on a Production Line

The ZScan 3D scanner from senswork supports the volume determination of food products on the conveyor belt.

Aluminum-Die-Casting Scanning-Without-Shading
Aluminum Die-Casting Scanning without Shading

Quality assurance in the automotive industry: Learn how senswork measures large aluminum assemblies and matches them with CAD file data.

ZScan® impresses in the automotive industry

Success Story | Magna BDW | Aluminum Die Casting

It was the measuring speed and flexibility that convinced Magna of the ZScan® system from senswork. The automotive supplier had been looking for an optical measurement and inspection system suitable for series production for some time when the Bavarian measurement technology expert senswork came into play. Was the investment worthwhile? "The summary is positive, definitely." say Rocco Hahn, Head of Project Management, and Martin Emrich, Project Manager at Magna. The investment pays off after just a few product launches.

Rocco Hahn

Head of Project Management at Magna

Very beneficial is the possibility to digitize parts ad hoc and to compare data sets with each other.“

Rocco Hahn

Head of Project Management at Magna

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