WorkVision with senswork

Workvision 4.0 in Zusammenarbeit mit senswork

Industry 4.0 in the production process with OpenProtocol: workvision 4.0 is an innovative assembly assistance system to optimize, ensure quality in and document the production processes in series and line production. The assemblers and workers receive detailed instructions from the system regarding the individual assembly steps of the workpiece, while every step is fully documented at the same time. However, this is only possible with a high-performance image processing system.

OpenProtocol interface for image processing systems

An OpenProtocol interface connects the assembly assistance system to a camera system. The image processing systems provide the images and parameters required in real time. The camera monitors every working step, checks the product features and compares the live image to the pre-trained images and assigned working steps within seconds. The data is saved and can be analyzed for a subsequent error analysis.

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