VISIONCommander by senswork

Our computer-based image processing software of the next generation

Customized image processing systems require the corresponding software. In particular when it comes to performance, data tracking or inspection flexibility, standard software products available on the market are no longer sufficient. In an in-house development process lasting over several years, we therefore created the VISIONCommander, a computer-based image processing software for automatic in-line inspection with highest standards in terms of reliability, performance and intuitive control.

The VISIONCommander supports 2D and 3D cameras and scanners from different manufacturers and can conduct up to 8 inspections at the same time in separate windows. Its core boasts different calibration mechanisms for sophisticated measuring tasks. The results of the inspection are logged in a SQL database in real-time. This database enables a detailed analysis and data tracking in manufacturing. Furthermore, a very flexible statistics module enables you to get a quick overview over the current quality status in your production.

The so-called Part Template Builder can create an image of your inspection parts and the measuring features; the image is automatically entered into the statistics and database module. The flexible user management also facilitates the management of user roles. A diversity of additional tools e. g.: film strips, a flexible image saving system, logging on several levels, import and export of jobs or the change log, turn the VISION Commander into a high-performance tool which is compatible with the standard interfaces, amongst others GigEVISION, USB-Vision, GENiCAM, CameraLink, CoaxPress as well as the SPS interfaces ProfiNet / ADS / digital IO + Open Protocol.

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