Manufacturing of inspection devices

The perfect inspection device - just for you!

In many cases an individual inspection area, e.g. for the incoming goods inspection, in a laboratory or as an end-of-line solution is required. An individual inspection area can also provide important services to a handcraft workplace. In order for everything to work its usual way, the inspection device is designed according to the user requirements and the working environment.
The data collected can also be uploaded into the central database. Everything matches and is intertwined.

Inspection right from the beginning - this is easy peasy with an exactly planned inspection area

During the development phase, inspections with an inspection device can detect deficiencies or quality defects in the product early on. This saves time and money and ensures the highest product quality.

End-of-line inspection systems

How can you make sure that the product delivered fulfills the quality standards of your customers? Are your inspections not safe enough and do you receive complaints from time to time? We deliver a customized inspection system which inspects your product at the end of the manufacturing process and ensures a top quality – which means that no bad part will leave your plant.

Tomorrow will be different from today - but it will always be up-to date.

The requirements of an inspection area can quickly change. But don't worry, we will update your inspection devices and adapt them to the new requirements.

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