senswork machine vision systems

We offer solutions for automatic inspection.


high-resolution 3D inspection

Inspection Devices

End-of-line inspection systems

Deep Learning

Cognex ViDi Suite

3D Inspection

shape, location and position

Optical measurement

measurement and inspection

Surface inspection

for flawless surfaces

Location detection

Pick & Place for robot systems

Completeness inspection

sort - count - ...

Label Inspection

Printed image control / OCR / OCV / verifying codes


for high performance


Testing right from the start

Through development-accompanying tests at the test station, weak points or quality defects in the product can be identified at an early stage. This saves time and money and ensures optimal product quality.

ZFokus – high-resolution 3D inspection

Microscopically small - with great inspection accuracy

With the ZFokus® camera developed by senswork, you can inspect components up to a size of 11.5 x 11.5 mm with a precision of up to 0.01mm in Z direction.

Our solutions for your project

The cutting-edge camera technology by senswork localizes parts independent from their rotation and their position data in X / Y, and optionally also Z, is then forwarded to the robot control system

Pick & Place Automation
detection, grab, pick & place

3D systems in optical inspection offer unprecedented possibilities to detect shape, location and position.

3D Inspection
3D systems in optical inspection

Inspection tasks include simple presence and absence checks but also complex surface inspections. We support you during the feasibility study, the launch and approval of the system  - everything from one supplier.

Optical measurement and inspection
2D measurement and inspection

It is the icing on the cake in industrial image processing to create aesthetic and functionally perfect surfaces in production. senswork offers several solutions for detecting e.g. scratches, streaks, cracks, pimples in the finish etc. during a surface inspection; the solutions can be applied in different fields of operation and on different materials.

Surface inspection
Surface inspection of bent or reflecting surfaces

Are all parts there and correctly installed? Is the label attached and at the right place? Are all screws installed and covered with locking varnish? Is the blister full and are all parts in the right position?

In the fully automated final control we ensure the completeness control of products e.g. the completeness of loading with our ready-to-use image processing system by senswork.

Completeness inspection
sort, count

At the moment different procedures like laser labeling, needling or printing are used to affix 2D codes on products and components in order to track and identify them. In general this is called DPM (Direct Part Marking). To ensure the quality and readability of - in particular - 2D bar-codes different standards are applied, e.g. AIM/DPM or ISO/IEC. We can offer you a fully configured camera solution to scan, verify and validate 2D codes at your production site.

Scanning, verifying, 2D

In many cases an individual inspection area, e.g. for the incoming goods inspection, in a laboratory or as an end-of-line solution is required. An individual inspection area can also provide important services to a handcraft workplace. In order for everything to work its usual way, the inspection device is designed according to the user requirements and the working environment.

inspection devices
inspection devices

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