senwork develops AI-based technology that enables 100% quality assurance of LabDisks or Lab-on-a-Chip designs in the production cycle. High precision manufactured, transparent plastic cartridges can now be recorded in the production cycle with this inspection station and reliably evaluated.

Camera systems with telecentric lenses and the corresponding working distance are often too long to be integrated into a machine without space problems. No problem with the Cognex In-Sight based VisionUnit from senswork.

Membrane tubes are the core component of an innovative filter technology for wastewater treatment plants. To ensure that these tubes are flawless and that the cleaning performance of the plants runs optimally, a line scan camera system from senswork inspects the surfaces of the membrane tubes for a wide variety of production defects.

Our cameras precisely detect the position and angular position of the elements so that assembly elements can be precisely joined in switching elements of electric stoves. The measured data is transferred to a production line with several robots.

In a fully automated handling system with a 6-axis robot, a 3D laser scanner captures components in flight. The robot presents three components per second to the scanner. This records the component geometry in 3D and measures a recess on the component at several positions.

After the painting process of synthetic parts, they are subjected to a fully automatic surface inspection by a shape-from-shading system before further processing. This method allows the smallest surface defects such as paint pimples, scratches, inclusions, lint or other raised or recessed defects to be reliably detected. For this, our system uses eight lighting directions with eight partial images, which are offset by Shape from Shading to form a height map of the surface.

In this system, Euro pallets are fed via a roller conveyor belt to a robot system, which automatically removes the sack layers and places them on a longitudinal conveyor belt. Using a time of flight camera from senswork, the positions of the plastic bags are recognized fully automatically and transferred to the robot coordinate system. The detection accuracy of the system is ± 10 mm, and thus allows precise pick-up by the suction gripper mounted on the robot.

The supplied parts are removed from the supply line by a Scara robot and placed in a moving tray. Our camera technology controls the rotational position of the parts in the feeder, the position of the tray and the correct placement of the products in the tray.