senwork develops AI-based technology that enables 100% quality assurance of LabDisks or Lab-on-a-Chip designs in the production cycle. High precision manufactured, transparent plastic cartridges can now be recorded in the production cycle with this inspection station and reliably evaluated.

Camera systems with telecentric lenses and the corresponding working distance are often too long to be integrated into a machine without space problems. No problem with the Cognex In-Sight based VisionUnit from senswork.

Plug connections are essential in electrical engineering. Whether in the smartphone, in the car or in production facilities, they ensure that data or electricity flow from A to B. For this to work flawlessly, the connector pins must fit perfectly on the circuit board. With the virtual connector gauge from senswork, the smallest deviations can be detected before damage occurs.

The individual elements of a first aid kit must be identified through a transparent packaging. Since the packaging reflects light, the individual components of the packaging are difficult to recognize. ViDi Check inspects the complete first aid kit and determines whether all trained features are present.

Different liquids create inconsistent backgrounds under the transparent bottle. Plastic seams and difficult reflection angles pose another challenge. ViDi Read can accurately read letters under diverse light and background conditions.

The transparency of glass vials makes it difficult to distinguish breakage from dirt along the front or back. Rule-based image processing reaches its limits here. ViDi Detect can accurately distinguish the variation of natural parts from anomalies by performing a reference set of good parts under varying light conditions and amounts of dirt.