Surface inspection

Our solutions:

  • Scratches and streaks
  • Cracks
  • Pimples in finish
  • Damages, raises and indentions
  • Color defects and color deviations
  • Finish defects and inclusions
  • Finish runs

Flawless surfaces

It is the icing on the cake in industrial image processing to create aesthetic and functionally perfect surfaces in production. senswork offers several solutions for detecting e.g. scratches, streaks, cracks, pimples in the finish etc. during a surface inspection; the solutions can be applied in different fields of operation and on different materials. The scope covers the control of tape and reel goods up to the surface inspection of bent or reflecting surfaces. Even color errors, finish errors, inclusions and finish runs can be detected - quickly and efficiently. In combination with a self-learning system - Deep Learning with Cognex ViDi Suite- we create the perfect AOI with artificial intelligence for sophisticated fields of application.

Surface inspection of tape and reel goods

We use line scan cameras for the optical inspection of tape and reel goods, which continuously check the surface for flawlessness with very high resolution even in the µm area and at a very high speed.

Surface inspection of bent or reflecting surfaces

The inspection of bent or reflecting surfaces often proves to be difficult with conventional image processing systems. With its 2.5D method, e. g. the photometric stereo, senswork offers the perfect solution for this field of application and therefore adds completely new perspectives to surface inspection technology. This innovative surface inspection by senswork is in particular used in case of low contrasts or distracting reflections.

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