Optical measurement and inspection

Our solutions:

  • Location detection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Position inspection
  • Presence and/or absence check
  • Feature detection up to the µm area
  • Surface inspection
  • Gap size check

Complete systems for optical inspection

There is a large variety of fields of use for camera systems in location detection, position inspection, or e.g. surface inspection in the industry, which therefore require a maximum of flexibility. On the basis of the components provided by renowned manufacturers, we develop complete systems for dimension inspections, position inspections, presence and absence checks or other feature detections up to the µm area.

Measuring distances and positions

An industrial image processing system for measuring distances calculates the distance between two or more spots or geometrical spots of an object and defines whether the measurement fulfills the specifications. If this is not the case, the image processing systems sends a signal to the machine control system and the object is channeled out.

In this way a stationary camera can take images of parts, while they move through the visual field of the camera. The system then uses the software to calculate the distances between one or several spots on the image. As a large number of industrial image processing systems are able to measure object features up to a size of 0.0254 millimeters, there is a large variety of fields of application for these kind of systems.

The right selection of components for optical measurement and inspection

We take care of selecting the right camera, optic and lighting – which is essential – and the construction of additional mechanical components, up to the complete optical sensor heads for your AOI. As a result of our many years of experience in industrial image processing e.g. in surface processing, we are able to define the requirements for hard- and software in detail and instantly understand the measurement and inspection tasks. Our camera-based measuring systems, e.g. for gap size checks or position checks are aligned to the measurement standards in order to also ensure measurement capability in your plant. Certified calibration standards enable a validation of the camera calibration, in particular for measurement tasks.

Possibilities of optical inspection

Inspection tasks include simple presence and absence checks but also complex surface inspections. Our flexible module kits enable us to adapt all current interfaces to superordinate control systems, regardless of whether this is Ethernet-IP, Profinet, Profibus or digitial IOs.

We support you during the feasibility study, the launch and approval of the system  - everything from one supplier.


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