3D Inspection

Our solutions:

  • 3D camera systems to locate objects for loading and unloading of pallets.
  • Position and location detection for robot systems.
  • Volume determination of objects
  • Shape inspection of products in X/Y/Z
  • 3D surface inspection
  • 3D font reading: OCR application for raised labels on e.g. tires, cast parts, ceramics...

Field of specialty: 3D systems

3D systems in optical inspection offer unprecedented possibilities to detect shape, location and position. However, the application of 3D technology requires many years of experience, as the complexity of imaging and image analysis is not to be underestimated. We are specialists for 3D laser triangulation systems, stereo cameras, time-of-flight sensors and depth-from-focus systems, and have therefore detailed knowledge of the differences and fields of application, which helps us to find the most suitable solution for every task.

3D systems in optical inspection

Laserline triangulation is ideal to detect the shape and location of moving objects with diffusely reflecting surfaces. Stereo cameras are used to detect the location of parts with sufficient surface texture - this is in particular used for 3D pick tasks in robotics.

Time-of-flight sensors have - with approx. 5mm - a lower Z resolution than different sensors, but offer a larger detection volume with a Z scope of several meters. The latter is especially interesting for unloading and loading pallets but also to detect the volume of cartons.

Particularly small components can be checked with our specially developed ZFokus camera

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