"An Evolutionary Step"

Markus Schatzl, Director of the senswork Innovation Lab, explains what opportunities arise with the use of AI and what hurdles are associated with it. Matthias Günther conducted the interview for his thesis “Artificial Intelligence in Quality Management - Implementation Options along the Value Chain and Developments in SMEs” in the Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering course at the University of Konstanz.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Plug connections have to be manufactured precisely so that the pins fit on the board during assembly. With the virtual connector gauge from senswork, the smallest deviations can be recorded before damage occurs. Plug connections are essential in electrical engineering. Whether in the smartphone, in the car or in production facilities - they ensure that data or electricity flow from A to B. In order for this to work perfectly, the connector pins must fit perfectly on the circuit board or in the socket. The decision takes a maximum of 20 ms with an average of 20 to 1000 iterations per inspection.

Reason to Celebrate

senswork GmbH is now a member of the VDMA. We look forward to a valuable exchange of knowledge and experience with the industry network in order to continue to support mechanical engineering. As a specialist in image processing and optical inspection, we concentrate on innovative solutions for automation and quality assurance in industrial production.

EU Grant "Go International"

In the future, as an expert in industrial image processing, we want to grow together with our customers when it comes to internationalization. The USA is a relevant market for solutions in the automotive, electrical and medical technology industries. The funding project "Export Bavaria 3.0 - Go International" enables us to provide funding for advice on entering the market, business partner search and advertising measures in order to develop the USA in a structured manner.

New Principle for 3D Inline Inspection

Optical 3D inspection has already established itself in many industrial manufacturing environments. So far, most processes have failed when it comes to small components. Senswork answers the problems with the new 3D inline camera ZFokus.
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