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What you always wanted to know about senswork

We, the senswork GmbH are specialists for flexible system combinations in industrial image processing. From our location in Burghausen, we supply our renowned customers with ready-to-use industrial image processing and camera technology solutions. Every production site has its own individual requirements, which we take into consideration. Whether it is the initial feasibility study or a complete integration of camera inspection systems - you can rely on our many years of experience. Our company guarantees innovative ideas and personal support by the project managers. The project managers take a close look at the tasks to develop a customized camera system or the ideal inspection area/ the ideal inspection device, which will fulfill the requirements.

With our solutions the customers of industrial image processing systems can generate costs-saving potentials by integrating fully automated inspection solutions in their production. Manual processes are being automated and amortization is visible after a maximum of 1-2 years. This does not only affect quality assurance for products in production, but also for process inspections, e.g. 3D localization of objects for robot systems.

Good ideas, detailed planning and realization of the mechanic, optic and light constructions as well as many years of professional experience are the key to success in image processing. And we have been successful for over 20 years!

Our inspection systems support you in detecting bad parts in production early on and therefore in keeping the use of material and the corresponding resources, electricity, water, air etc. low.

"We want to communicate our excitement for innovative solutions to our customers. 

We want them to feel that we are passionate about our solutions, that we enjoy working with and
realizing our solutions for them 
and that we are interested in a successful realization."

Our offer

  • Feasibility studies
  • Consulting services
  • Concept development
  • Complete systems and customized solutions
  • Customized developments, developments on order, constructions, prototyping
 camera technology, optics, lighting
  • Integration and launch of systems
  • Construction of inspection areas and inspection devices

Our competences

  • 2D and 3D image processing systems
  • 3D measuring technology
  • Automated inspection solutions
  • Construction of optical measuring systems with resolutions up to the µm area
  • Planning and construction
  • Manufacturing technology and fine mechanics engineering
  • Construction of inspection devices and inspection planning as well as system integration
  • Future technologies in information and communication technology like the development of self-learning algorithms.

Software specialists

Perfectly integrated into the system


Member of the aia

We are a member of the international industry association aia.


Member of the KI-Bundesverband

We are a member of the KI-Bundesverband.

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